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Your post was both eloquent and insightful. I feel exactly the same way. No matter how frustrated the game makes me I still come back to it the next day to try to scratch out a handhold and make that slightest little bit of forward progress.

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@SamStrife said:

@Crash_Happy: Dude chill out, he aint really smacking about his girlfriend (at least I hope he isn't.) He was just using extreme situations for effect as dark humour.

A part of me hopes that From Software knew that if someone turned the power off it would corrupt a save but it sucks that you lost all your progress man.

Of course From Software is aware of it. There is a warning every time you start the game saying not to turn off the console while the save icon is displayed on the screen. The same corruption would happen to any game on pretty much any platform if you power off while it's writing the save file. It's even riskier to turn off the power with Dark Souls since it autosaves after you do pretty much anything in the game ie. killing an enemy, picking up loot, walking to a new area, dying, etc.

Lancezh, you should have just thrown the controller across the room like everyone else does. :p

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Listen to them all!

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Go kill Havel and get his ring, it increases your load big time.

Yes do this and spend hella points in endurance.

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Once you realize that the act of dying in Dark Souls is actually just another part of the gameplay it makes dying not a big deal. Every time you die you should be learning something that you can use on your next attempt. The game is completely fair so if you do die then 99% of the time it was your fault. Typically you immediately realize what you did wrong and use this to your advantage the next time.

Here's a tip which I learned the hard way. Since you die a lot in this game, don't put yourself into risky situations when you have a lot of souls on the line. ie. Avoid areas that you have not explored yet, avoid areas where you know there are challenging enemies, etc. Spend those souls before pushing forward because you don't want to lose souls that you spent hours acquiring.

Last night I found myself tiptoeing through Darkroot Garden trying to get back to my bloodstain where I had previously died while carrying 25k souls. My heart was beating faster and I was so nervous that I would die before recovering the souls. It also didn't help that it was my first time exploring the area. Anyway, I eventually recovered the souls and while doing so, I aggroed a difficult enemy which came charging toward me. I freaked out and immediately used a Homeward Bone to warp me back to my bonfire. What a relief that was.

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Sif's fur looks so warm and fluffy that I would like to cuddle up with her also.

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I've noticed some really bad framerate drops in New Londo Ruins and walking through the Darkroot Garden, and a bit when fighting Sif (probably due to the fur effects). I don't have a slim model XBox, I have the original model. It is really starting to affect my gameplay as there is noticeable lag when fighting enemies in the New Londo and Darkroot. I'm kind of disappointed but I'm trying to not let it ruin my Dark Souls experience because I love the game. The 360 is starting to show it's age methinks.

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Awesome post. I found the upgrade stuff very confusing at first but that chart really helps. Thanks.

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PC because first person shooters are better with a mouse and keyboard.

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Blame the spammers. The post restriction is really a good feature that benefits us all in the end.