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You whore.

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@AnimalFather said:

are the characters stationary or is there more to it?

Dude, what does that mean?

No, it's not like Borderlands. Just watch the Quick Look.

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I sit whatever seems most comfortable at the time and don't give a fuck what others think about it. If you're worried about it then you are uncool.

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Good post. I will be buying Dark Souls soon so I can also experience this.

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Bacon, because you can wrap other foods in bacon. You can't wrap things in sausage. Also bacon tastes better.

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Of course. I'm not going to get out of the shower and risk slipping on my bathroom floor just so I can pee in the toilet. The pee ends up in the exact same place if you pee in the shower so what's the big deal? It also saves water because you aren't flushing the toilet. So where's the disadvantage in peeing in the shower? I see none.

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It's up to parents to restrict their kid's access to porn, not the ISPs.

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Why would I opt out of this EULA agreement preventing me from initiating a frivolous lawsuit over loss of access to an online gaming service? Class action law suits over such trivial things just waste money and tie up the court system. I would never sue Sony/EA over a gaming service nor would I support any lunatic who wastes time and money on doing so for such a trivial thing. There are much more important things in this world which need to be fought for. This is not one of them.

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Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.

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Great job Patrick. That is one cool ass game mechanic he came up. I hope we get to see it in other games down the road.