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My wife and I went to Prince Edward Island on Canada's east coast and spent a week on the beach there. We were poor university students at the time and PEI was only a few hours drive away. It's almost time for a second honeymoon soon and we would really like to go to Sandals resort in Jamaica.

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Great job. I love stats. It's looking hopeful for their next lantern run. Especially if they each practice up before hand.

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I don't agree. It's a Quick Look, not a review. It could be the first time playing the game or they may have played it for several hours prior to the Quick Look. That's the nature of the Quick Look format which is still the best part of Giant Bomb. Don't be so anal retentive.

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Your wall of text and lack of capitalization/punctuation lost me.

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No. Why would I pay for premium content if it's just going to be released to everyone after a while? Besides supporting the best gaming site in the universe that is.

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You're a jerk.

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Don't like the other Whiskey Media sites? Don't go there.

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I don't regret it because I played a bunch of good games on it. People say there aren't enough good games for the system but there are some great gems out there amidst all the shovelware. You just have to look. I also still use it for my Netflix player on the family room TV. Also, I really enjoyed the Wii Virtual Console which allowed me to re-visit some amazing games I played from my childhood.

I rarely play games on it anymore but I feel that I got my moneys worth out of the system and I'll be keeping mine for a long time so that in the future I can re-visit the virtual console games and first-party games like Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime series, and Zelda.

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This is such a great gesture. Thanks so much. I just bought the game and I'm excited to play it tonight.

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On my 360 I mainly use it to watch Netflix and stream divx/xvid movies from my desktop PC.

Edit: Also, playing the occasional DVD.