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i don't think it would be that bad, it doesn't mean every thing that drops pollen, they are infinite i think.  Just after you blow them up don't let any hit the floor. 

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yeah that makes me mad, i wish you could spit out your string while falling to catch those o so close plants. 

I could see myself forgetting what time it is and playing this game for a really long time, it's really good.

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Yeah i loved SC2 weapon master mode also.  I played the first 2 sets of floors in the tower mode and it seems pretty cool.  Tag is a fun change-up and i'm glad you can get treasure chests and stuff with lewts.  I'm going to try making a character tonight.

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Hopefully they release it as free DLC or something.

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Astaroth has the best pre-game taunts evaaa

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I read about tag mode, and i know in the tower single player mode there's some tag element, but can you do tag team vs battles like tekken tag style?  I'm sitting at work and i have the game here, just read the whole manual and i couldn't find anything about tag team versus mode.  Does it exist?

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I don't remember, but since they just released that big patch for the ps3 version i need to start playing this again.

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Diablo / Half Life

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I hope megaman 9 is the start of a trend and they make more megaman games in the old gameplay style.  The graphics can be up to date, but the layout of the game levels and stuff in the old games is much better than the way ZX etc. does it.  And i hope they put those all out on the DS

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