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After what's likely an unhealthy amount of time searching for this information, I've come up short. This is a long shot, but does anyone know what shirt/tie brands John Oliver wears on his HBO show? They are sharp and modern and I'd like to purchase some in hopes of at least incrementally increasing my chances of appearing as a suitable mate.

Sorry for the pun.

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A few of my friends have gotten WAY into Magic the Gathering lately so I tried to get into it with them but it's a relatively high barrier to entry. Thought I might try my hand (sorry) at another card game. Any suggestions?

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My deepest condolences to everyone - friends, family, and every member of this community that has enjoyed Ryan's thoughtful and heartfelt work. He will be sorely missed but lovingly remembered.

Thank you for everything Mr. Davis. May your next journey bring you as many earnest and loving admirers.

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@seppli: That is a pretty funny spot. Nice and referential. The stinky rubbing square is a great touch as well!

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Which this most certainly is! However I am relatively biased as it's my game. And now it's your game too! Here are some promo codes for you:






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Do you know how many times we had to say "Nope, not a porn" while shooting this? Too many.

Anyone have any other great trailers that come to mind?

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@Blomakrans: @GetEveryone: Thanks guys! I really appreciate that.

@Morello: Ah, of course man you're welcome. Thanks for giving it a listen!

@CaptainCody: For sure, yeah we self engineered that one so we're still getting the hang of it. Check out our previous two albums up for free on there now as well. They have much better drumming (because it wasn't me haha - still learning. so what, I should stick to guitar and bass? ;) and they sound a bit better.

@Casey25: Very cool man, they sound good! That video is pretty funny. I love that he actually did just stand outside the door and play the show. That's dedication!

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@EkajArmstro: Hey, thank you for checking it out!

Really enjoyed the break towards the end of that song. You guys handled it perfectly on stage :)

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Hello my fine fellow internet friends! Here's the scoop: my friend and I just recorded our third EP and we'd really like any and everyone to hear it so we put it up for free on bandcamp. It's rock music in the same vein as Sparta, Hot Water Music, Face to Face, etc. so if that's your particular flavor of ear candy please check it out. If you know what it's like to pour your heart into something you really hope others will enjoy, then give this a download, and if it hits your happy spot share it with your friends, family, and ex-girlfriends that you still semi-respect because their immaculate taste in music.

If anyone else has music they'd like to share, by all means let me know!

Cheers everyone!

UPDATE: Now all our albums are on there for free so have at it! Thanks again for all the feedback. You guys are the best - I'm getting misty over here..

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This weekend saw the genesis of a Trials drinking game. It's simple, but effective. Here's how it works:

Gather some of your closest and of age compatriots. Start a local multiplayer game. Race. Every time you fall, take a drink. Every time you land a front/backflip everyone else takes a drink. 1st place - give out a drink. 2nd place - take two drinks. 3rd place - take 3 drinks. 4th place - take 4 drinks.

There you have it. Anyone else have any fun drinking games for local multiplayer games?

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Hi All!

We just submitted a patch for our GiantBomb-inspired game called PaintScape and apple gave us more promo codes! So I'm passing some along to anyone who wants one. Check out the trailer and if it looks like something you'd be into give it a download!

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Promo Codes:








Thanks everyone! If you like the game do us a favor and rate it. Every little bit helps for us small fries :)