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While I completely agree with you, that begs the question of what a 'pure' Templar game would be. I imagine it would focus more on the Templar Brotherhood, or at least your guy being a commander like Haythem. So expanding on the Brotherhood mechanic from ACB, ACR, and AC3. No big chases or leaping assassinations, you could command your allies to blockade a road/alley to stop a running target. Give us a big crossbow or rifle to shoot down climbing Assassins, maybe expand on that with the ability to target legs to completely neutralize their climbing abilities. Instead of the counter mechanic, the combat could focus on brute force: You don't counter, you dodge, then strike. None of the elegant dance AC1 through ACR were known for, just brutal force smashing them when they're vulnerable.

And as far as climbing goes, I'd imagine the big step would be no climbing. Ladders, stairs, and so on would still be fine. Jumping and grabbing onto ledges, fine. But a Templar shouldn't be on the roofs. Instead, it could play into some kind of area mechanic, like the Borgia towers/Fortresses: Bust in, secure the area, it's yours. If an Assassin gets on the roofs in one of your secured areas, you can yell for rooftop guards to fire on them while you yourself are on the ground. Knocking them off the roof, potentially, or at least dealing damage.

Templar's are always portrayed as being the ruling force in an area, having command/sway over the guards. So why not give us that ability in a Templar game to make up for our lack of climbing skills? And put a bigger focus on indoors/rooftop access via stairs to give us a way up to the rooftops even without climbing abilities.

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I vote a Kickstarter is started to raise $1,000,000 to purchase this, then randomly pick one of the backers to give it to!

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I'd go with 'RIP Ryan Davis' in three rows of binary, personally. Unless you live with a bunch of AI who speak binary as their first language, it'll be subtle enough not to be embarrassing to tell people who aren't a member of this community.

Though I still think getting a tattoo to remember him by is a poor idea.

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They've been looking at each other wide eyed, screaming, "YOU KILLED OFF COLE! HE WAS THE MAIN CHARACTER! THE **** WERE YOU THINKING?!" To which the reply is, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?! IT WAS YOUR IDEA!"

And it's just been going back and forth all this time.

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Last one tended to vary, favored a 44. Magnum.

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How much is Nintendo paying you to say these things?


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74) Decrepit letters from World War 2 will magically fuse into a brand new knife if collected.

75) Crashing into the ground with a wingsuit is a lot more painful than doing the same in a glider.

76) Poker is DEADLY.

77) When the attractive tribal leader you've met twice says she loves you, that's not a good sign.

78) When Hoyt fires you, he does it literally.

79) Some drugs give you superpowers. Some drugs make you hallucinate you're fighting a gigantic demon god while in reality undergoing sexual intercourse.

80) Hitting the water from around 200 feet up at terminal velocity doesn't hurt at all.

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Find a field out in the country, though within reasonable driving distance of town. Have a decent sized house built there. Furnish it and everything, then put the remainder of the cash in a bank account. Live off the interest for the rest of my life.

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