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Been playing for a week after not touching the game for a looong time. Would love an invite to the clan, loving the game and all the updates so far.

IGN: jordanado

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Sorry if this topic has been posted about before. I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I'm looking to buy some new headphones for my pc. I want a mic-less pair of headphones that are good for gaming. The brands I've bought in the past were Skullcandy and Audiotechnica and they both ended up breaking after six months.

Anything 100 bucks or below would suit me well. If its below 50 even better. Looking for something that deadens outside noise, doesn't necessarily have to cancel it completely. I don't know a lot about the technicalities of headphones but I would like something that delivers good bass without overwhelming everything else. Basically whatever works well for the way game audio is mixed/presented.

Thanks for any input!

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@Chavtheworld: Preeeeety sure he was talking about DigDog, the crunk/freestyle/rock band.

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Is dugga dig dog truly great?

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I have ghost problems I am hoping the GB community can help me with. There is a ghost in my basement who wont leave me alone. He keeps moaning about how he is hungry, but everyone knows that ghosts cant eat. What should I do?

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"FUCK NIGHTS!" Jeff Gerstmann, the evil overlord of Nightmare bellowed. "Nights is GARBAGE."

Overhead, the purple jester-thing did a loop-the-loop and scowled down. "Herr Gerstmann, I will defend Nightopia from you and your evil Nightmaren!"

The dastardly games reviewer turned dream overlord growled with fury, his face turning purple from sheer hatred at the existence of such a terrible game. "Nightopia?! What are you even talking about? That is TERRIBLE! It's TERRIBLE! How do you live with yourself knowing that you exist in such a bad game? If I were you I would fucking KILL myself Nights! You are the worst! I'm out."

And with that said, Jeff unplugged his Saturn and was instantly transported back into the real world, leaving Nights trapped in the CD where he eventually downed half a bottle of Jack and flew into the sun to end the pain.

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I was thinking about buying it when I saw a screenshot suggesting you can actually walk around inside your ships. Can you directly control infantry in addition to tanks and ships?

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Anyone who is interested playing multi and not skipping any cut scene stuff feel free to add me/contact me for a game. Battletag is jordanado#1197

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Will your first run through the game be solo or multi? I'm torn personally. The game is more fun to me multi, but since all the in game cut scenes can be skipped by anyone without vote, I'm tempted to do a solo run thru first just so I don't miss anything

Clearly the focus of Diablo 3 is not story but I cant shake my obsession with seeing everything in every game I play.