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Why Mortal Kombat, WHY? Why must you give into the shitting nature that is pre-order content? Especially when it's a character in a fighting game. Hey, you know you're going to buy this game, but if you don't spend your money early fuck you, you can't play this character.

It's gross but it's sadly the state of current big game marketing. I don't want to say theres nothing that can be done, because you can always vote with your dollar and all that but this is just sort of the way of things right now.

That being said I won't be preordering because I don't want to support it. Locking characters away seems especially unpleasant.

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It's a necessary thing. Premium is their bread and butter and the foundation of their whole operation. They have to put it front and center to support that foundation. I wouldn't look at it like an ad, it's just more prevelant because it needs to be.

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I'm with you. I'm totally team Dan.

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Heck yessss.

PSN: jordanaramma

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This is pretty legit. Nicely done.

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This is excellent news.

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this is absolutely fanastic.

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This is really really interesting.

Also its becoming more and more apparent that actors being mocapped and "playing" characters in games but still looking like themselves (as opposed to, say, troy baker in the last of us) is going to become a thing in a big way. Now that the tech is there the lines are being blurred between actors and voice actors in games.

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Dan's feature inspired me to give it another look since messing with it like 6 years ago. By no means an advanced player but I'm having some fun with it. Would be down for joining the Bomb Squad guild of you would have me. I made my character on Aerie Peak on the alliance side. Name is JordanaRamma. Sweet!

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There is no right or wrong answer. Needs of the many outweigh the few and all that but Joel made the most human choice. You can argue ethics and right and wrong all day but there is no right answer. I can't say I would make a different choice, especially in the moment. And I wouldn't consider myself a "piece of shit".

It's pretty easy to align yourself on the moral end of that argument. So I wouldn't feel proud of having a high and mighty attitude about being against Joel's choice. It shouldn't be that easy of a choice and that's the genius of that ending.