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I was just thinking about this today, and I wondered how Nolan North and Troy Baker ended up becoming two of the most heard (recognized?) voices in videogames.

I honestly couldn't come up with a good answer. It seemingly just sort of happened. I know they're incredibly talented, but in the last console generation and so far this current one, they have come to dominate voice roles.

They certainly fit well in the generic white guy main character role, and we all know there are a lot of those, but there has to be a better reason why they're everywhere.

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Fine work, my friend.

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Nope. Not enough Dan as far as I'm concerned.

But really, it's mostly just due to the fact that he fills that role well. There are probably a lot of behind the scenes operations going on that Jeff and Brad have to deal with that Dan doesnt.

Someone has to make content, and Dan is probably usually the one who is the most available.

And I have no issue with that.

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The South Park game was pretty great on PC. I hope people remember it when goty discussions occur.


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I don't see a problem with it. In fact it seems petty to complain about something completely out of his control. Furthermore I don't even see a problem with his tweets about his books posting on the site to begun with. I don't think it's off putting at all personally. I feel like he has every right to mention his own personal projects on his twitter, even if it pops up on the main site. Seems like a silly thing to get up in arms about.

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Yeah, Brad does a great job. He's good at it. And he makes for an excellent foil to dans nonsense.

Hey, being able to carry the most popular game podcast on iTunes is no small feat. Good on him.

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@graboids: Fantastic design. Your original idea to split the faces makes for much better design. Don't give in to the peer pressure!

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I don't recall them ever saying in wasn't impressive in context. The scenario Jeff always uses is that the people who hold the most reverence for Goldeneye were people like college kids of the time who all played it together in dorm rooms. It was the most accessible first person shooter that was also really fun.

But if you are looking at it purely objectively, it's hard to argue that you would get an overall better shooter experience on the PC at the time, though.

It's barely an argument, it's just a matter of perspective.

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@spankingaddict said:

Zayns road to redemption takes a detour to Cutesville . Prince Pretty out ..

Their match at Takeover 1 was pretty legit. Should be a good time.