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That big thing you fought in 4 was pretty cool.

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So I'm not going to call FFXIII an objectively "good" game.. but I legitimately got a lot of enjoyment out of it, despite its flaws. I liked that world and Sahz has a fucking chocobo in his afro.


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Summer Jams are engaged.


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Demolition Man.

Demolition Man.

Demolition Man.

Demolition Man.

Demolition Man.

Demolition Man.

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Just got a PS4, could use some people to play with.

PSN: Jordanaramma

Time Zone: Eastern

Im pretty open to games. Probably gonna get battlefield soon.

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@afabs515: there is none place for jokes here at giant bomb! >:O

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@splodge: always happy to see a fellow Army Ant in the midst!

Anyways. To be on topic, this is silly and in the grand scheme of things is a completely useless topic to even discuss.

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@damodar said:

Wow, there's some really great stuff in this thread now! It inspired me to actually try to do something decent.

Apologies to @monkeyman04 for shamelessly thieving his idea of modifying the Knicks' logo.

Oh this is just EXCELLENT.

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Change scares me! But bring it on. If there is one guy that u have full confidence in that could start something killer from scratch like that it's the vinman.

There are obviously concerns that this thing I adore so much is going to splinter too much but I feel pretty confident that it's going to be for the better. And it makes sense.

Good luck!

Also, it'll be cool to see Alex shine a bit more too.