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Lerwick, Shetland Isles, United Kingdom.

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More years than I care to remember and lots of bugs it seems.

So basically, this has happened four times now. I've found that on the PC version, when I load a new chapter or continue from my previous spot the game will finish loading the level, prompt me to hit space to continue. At this point, the game appears but I have a menu mouse cursor on screen. I can move the cursor around the screen, it has no effect on my character movement and the mouse buttons don't do anything, neither does the keyboard.

From here, if I press esc to try to get rid of the cursor all my controls lock. Everything. And the only way out is to Alt+F4. Obviously the game has only been out for an hour or so, so even searching Google or looking in the obvious places isn't helping. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Being in the UK meant it started at 6pm for me, I watched it until around half 1 in the morning. Fell asleep and just finished watching the after party on catch up. I wish I could have caught that shit live. :D

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It's been hit and miss so far, but the hits have been astoundingly hilarious. Dance Central in particular, was a brilliant demo.

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 lincoln force !  

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I currently do have a Zune 80, one of the very few people outside of the US to probably own a Zune... But from my experiences the Zune is far better than any of the 'classic' iPod line. The audio quality is better than my Sound Blaster X-Fi can muster, its got a great interface as swiping up and down makes far more sense than going around in a circle with the click wheel.

But iPod Touch/iPhone vs Zune is currently apples and oranges. But the Zune HD might change all that depending on just how powerful the hardware is, what it can do and what we just don't know about yet.

Stick XNA/XBLA games on here and they'll be onto a winner...

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I love these AudioBoo's they're just totally nuts. Seriously. They're awesome.

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Whilst I knew quite a few girls that are into computer games, I've never met any that are as competent at all genres like my male friends are. Gaming is becoming more socially acceptable and its something that the vast majority of females haven't gotten into until this generation. My ex-girlfriend was however pretty incredible at some games, noticeably the DJ Max Portable series. Plus she was into stuff like Mass Effect, Halo, Half-Life, Fable and that sort of thing. So, I guess you can't have one rule for everyone. But at the same time, I do thing there are girls out there that simply want to get the attention for being a gamer.

I have to admit though, girls only clans are a complete joke. You don't gain anything from segregating each other and massive props to the Mega64 guys for taking the piss out of the entire concept with Sexy64.

#9 Posted by JordanNE (32 posts) - is usually a great site. I know they're UK based, but they do cover some US stores.

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This is totally a forced meme :p

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