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Lots of pessimism about saints row in this thread. It could go remarkably well too, can't it?

In what situation could it go 'remarkably well,' exactly?

Good games comes out of it.

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@Jordude1: Cheap.

I also have bought 2 copies of the game and both expansions. And the expansion is 100 cards for 10 bucks so I think 4 dollars for 30 cards is a fair deal. But if you have the $$ feel free to pay more. I try to spread the word to friends to make up for my lack of Money

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Just ordered 2 sets one for me and one as a gift, and PLEASE pay them some $$$. (I did $4 each)

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I doubt it. A big thing like that on their main site is probably not aimed at a small subset of their audience. I'd say it's a holiday pack or something.

True, but they do mention the GB Expanion on the home page FAQ

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Countdown on the site to something special for the holidays. Could it be the Giant Bomb expansion or something else?

UPDATE: Its a Pay What You Want Holiday Expansion!

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Well Im a first access member and never ended up buying the game so if someone want my code. Here it is: 9KDHT-434YK-GTX3G-RV6T2-Q4GHZ (XBOX360)

Just post underneath if you have used it