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I for one sincerely hope so.  Real and sometimes awkward stuff like that makes for good entertainment and it would be yet another feather added to the cap of a great show.  To not acknowledge it would be disappointing and a missed opportunity.
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Agree with the cutting of dead weight comment.  That's one reason I probably won't toss money their way...I'd do it if it all went Giant Bomb's way.  Also, I despise the way they handled the community.  Maybe the bs will blow over, but I doubt it.
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Perhaps you abused privileges by messaging too much.  Also, Ryan may very well be a cock-ass.  Now that he's got your 50 bucks, what does he need with you anymore?  In fact, as he was clicking "unfollow" I bet he said aloud "bitch". OR "I'm Ryan Davis, bitch." but either way I bet he called you a bitch.

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I was thinkin the same thing. 
Still, it was nice to see a decent pricetag for it.
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Two reasons I can't get over at the moment...
1. Splitting the Bombcast.  No, the whole "this take 8 man hours to produce." and "oh so you have a problem with paying for content, asshole?!" arguments don't work since every other gaming podcast out there is FREE.  Splitting it essentially ruins it for my uses since I also appreciate the timely commentary.  Also, splitting it AND the community just changed the whole spirit of the site for me.  There's even already an element of "I paid and you didn't, asshole!" in the forums...Give it time and it will likely get worse.
2. If I could specify that the money goes to only the Giant Bomb portion of Whiskey Media then I very well might do it (even though $50 is absurd).  I love those guys (Dave included).  Heck, even the Tested guys are pretty cool.  But paying for Whiskey Media to support a bunch of other sites and editors I don't spend time on is silly to me.

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How can a great and polished game change the genre for the worse??  Each developer/publisher relationship is responsible for any lackluster game they put out.

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That, and they like to tear your genitals off first as a means of domination. ...Notice I typed YOUR (supermike6's) genitals as I'll not be fighting one.
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Glad to see it.  I mean, why not at least give it a shot??
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We're all talking talent, right? What's the issue?