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I feel your pain, brother. I do a bit of writing myself and know all too well the depression and lack of self-worth that follows after you spend so, so many hours of your life creating a thing that might account to nothing. Only thing I can tell you is if you stop loving it, then you should maybe take a break for a while. Or maybe just scale back your projects to short stories. Creation is a tough thing to do, even if creation is the easiest part.

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Lexington, KY USA

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God speed, Vincent, god speed. Will Vin Dog be joining Scoops and the Wolf?

Edit/Addendum: Please document everything!

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Just picked this up my code is 4570-8722-8737. My name is Joe.

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Go shopping afterward, you'll end up with some pretty interesting stuff. I did this and ending up with two books. One was the Purgatorio part of the Divine Comedy, and the other was a small book by Aldous Huxley called the Art of Seeing which I found funny because I don't think he could see very well.

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My profile says 375, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

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I told them, but they didn't get it.

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RIP Ryan. You were one of the good ones.

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I played through it being a fan of the first Risen, and like the first Risen it is an extremely rough gem. Risen 2 plays better than the first one and I would recommend it if you can forgive a game's flaws and appreciate what it does do well. It's about 25-ish hours long if you were wondering about that.