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I played through it being a fan of the first Risen, and like the first Risen it is an extremely rough gem. Risen 2 plays better than the first one and I would recommend it if you can forgive a game's flaws and appreciate what it does do well. It's about 25-ish hours long if you were wondering about that.

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I can also help with QA whenever that time comes around.

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I can help with any writing aspects such as editing, character development, dialogue, story.

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@bongos said:

Why the hell is everyone freaking out about all the TnA in this game. They're clearly paying homage to frank frazetta and the way in the early days that people put a naked lady and barbarian on the cover to get sells.

This shit worked! Now get a load of this.

This kind of stuff came out like 30 years ago and I'm pretty sure a bunch of adventurers aren't going to stand around and talk about their feelings instead of saving barely naked babes. Besides the guy who made this game made the old dungeons and dragons arcade hack and slasher so this shit is must be normal to him so in essence lighten up unless you love shitstorms.

Exactly. It seems that everyone just glazes of the fact that the game is just a parody. You want to see something that's really disgusting...

Ughh! Just look at the proportions on this representation of a the female figure. It's so sexist. Just look at the huge boobs. It must have been made by a teenager.

( fine print: ^ that is the Venus of Willendorf. It is one of the oldest known pieces of art that dates back to 23,000-ish B.C.)

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first thing:

i5 3570-k

Windows7 64

8gigs ram ( i think ripjaw)

Asus p8z68-v lx motherboard

nvidia gtx 660ti

Now the problem. I'm trying to record video game video with fraps and audio with audacity but when I try to do record on audacity when the game it playing it won't record. If I try to start the recording before I start the game I have no game audio. I'm using a Rosewill RHTS-8206 USB headset. I've spent hours troubleshooting but I just can't figure out what the problem is. I've tried every combination of starting order. I've messed around with changing audio in channels to system mix. Unplug, replug, unplug, replug. Restart, restart, restart. (I hate troubleshooting...) I don't know what it could be. I don't understand how I can play and talk to friends online just fine, but if I try to record everything blows up. Any help you could give me, or any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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I've thought about getting Kain's glyph as a tattoo

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sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss BOOM! Fucking Creepers...

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I don't understand the whole cannibalism=drinking breast milk argument. Breast milk is specifically made to be fed to baby humans. It's full of all sorts of healthy goodness to boost the immune system, and full of fat to plump up the baby to keep it warm. Human flesh on the other hand is not specifically made to be eaten by humans. It's not specifically made to be eaten period.

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I'm pretty sure inXile is made up of dudes from Interplay, some of which worked on Planescape: Torment.

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I play Minecraft with the Swords&Sworcery soundtrack