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I got a free Uplay code with the graphics card I just bought and I don't really want it so if anyone wants it I'm looking for Steam games. Make me an offer. Being that I got it for free and that it's a Uplay code all offers will be considered.

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"Given the choice, whether to rule a corrupted empire or to challenge the fates for another throw, a better throw, against one's destiny what was a king to do... but does one ever truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of fate and thus defy the tyrannous stars." -Kain, Legacy of Kain: Defiance

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Soldier name: Joseff , I'll either be on 9-10 A.M. Fri-Tues or 9-10 P.M. Tues-Wed EST. Third shift is a bitch to schedule around.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

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@Jeust said:

Lost Odyssey


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I started playing with .ini files and I was hooked from then on. Now, whenever I play a console game and there is something about how the game plays that kind of rubs me the wrong way, all I can think about is how can I tweak it to make it play better, then realizing that I can't tweak anything, and then I get sad. Also, mods. Mods can be pretty cool.

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It really depends on the game. I bought Far Cry 2 and am going to buy Far Cry 3 solely for the single player experience. Same for the Bioshock franchise. But there are games where the single player is just a glorified tutorial getting you ready for the multiplayer, like Red Orchestra 2.

Edit: I forgot to answer your question. I would and do pay the 60$ price for amazing single player experiences without multiplayer, so I don't know why I wouldn't pay 60$ for an amazing multiplayer experience. (Which I guess I have with things like Wow and LotRO. Not FPS, but the same principle applies.)

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US East as well

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