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Hi guys!

I've been working on an iPhone game for a few months alongside the original founder of Codemasters, David Darling. The app is a really simple multiplayer puzzle game which is designed to be played with your Facebook friends.

We have released the game early to gather feedback from players and gradually improve it. As a massive Giant Bomb duder, it would be amazing if some of you guys would try it out and let me know what you think!

You can get it at

We're going to giveaway an iPad to the best player as well. The rules for that competition are on our website

Hopefully I'll also be able to share some cool stories with you all about what its like to work in development.

Looking forward to hearing what some of you think of the game!

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This is going to piss off a lot of people if they don't also redesign clothes and other items so that they fit the new models. I wouldn't be at all surprised if all that old content just becomes useless.

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@Kinarion said:
" When you say News article, I take it you mean mainstream news source? "
Indeed I do
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@foggel said:
" I finished your survey but I just realized you might only want people from USA to answer it? :P Because, for example, where I live we don't have Fox News. "
I don't mind where you're from :) I'm from the UK myself anyway.
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@rjayb89 said:
" I'm 20, but there is no choice for 20 year olds. "
Thanks for pointing that out! I'll change the top option so it says "20 and under" :)
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@Xeiphyer said:

" @JosephBarron: I guess you haven't heard of 'random sample' before... If you ask gamers on a videogame website to take a survey, then their answers are going to be pretty damn similar.  Also, some of  these questions are pretty bad, elaborate on 'socially responsible' because that makes no sense.  And hahaha, because someone is going to decide on which console to buy based on economic impact, that question is insane. "

Placing the survey link here is only one element of my research. I'm not daft enough to rely on one group of people. 
I'm using jargon like "socially responsible" so that I'm using the same phrases that the mainstream press use to talk about video games. That way, I should be able to gain some understanding of whether or not they've been able to influence the general public's opinion of the issue. The fact that you've questioned the term, immediately tells me that they haven't had a major influence on your opinions.
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Thanks guys, any help is much appreciated!

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Hi there my Giant Bomb duders!

For my "Contemporary & Pervasive Issues" assignment on my Business degree I am doing some research into the ethical behaviour of the major companies in the video game industry.

Please take 5 minutes to help me out by completing this short survey!

Thanks for your help!

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  I spent some serious time making this car! Unfortunately, one of the logos was created by another player so I can't make the design available on my store front. 

     Here's my quick attempt at a Giant Bomb themed Subaru Impreza. 

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@PilotXIan said:
" Is that my Vinyl on the roof there? If not, you've done a very good job creating the logo good sir! "
Yeah that's your vinyl :)