Even though they got Shao Kahn in there, and while they sort of act as coming from the same place, Goro would be pretty cool to see show up. I'm not a big MK guy but Goro is pretty damn iconic in my mind. Last time I checked, he wasn't dead or anything in MK lore, so why not? And even if he is, why should that stop them? Reanimate that dude, get some nanomachines in him, that seems to work.


Mega Man

Now I know Mega Man 9 is coming out, and that is totally awesome. What I think would be cool would be to see a game do for Mega Man what Metroid Prime did for Metroid. I'm not necessarily saying go 3D, but it'd be great to see a game reinvigorate and inject some new flavor into the franchise.


While it's easy to hate...

I can't bring myself to do it. I do think that Dyack brought more attention to himself and the game than he should of, especially because a significant amount of the buzz he created was negative. We all know about the NeoGAF and Unreal debacles, and neither of those boded well for the game in the end. Despite all the reasons that would seem to justify holding a grudge against Silicon Knights and Too Human, they never did in my mind. Disappointment is what I feel more than anything. There's no reason to hope for bad games and it really sucks that Too Human didn't turn out as solid as it could have been. It was obvious Dyack was coming from a perspective of being totally psyched about his game and I'll always support dudes like that.

More than anything, I'm surprised by the fact the game seems to be middling in quality. It had a lengthy development cycle and one would hope that more time would equal a better game. Apparently it didn't. Maybe the Unreal problems threw a bigger monkey wrench into the development than I originally thought?



I was waiting on one customer today and she complained that the restaurant's ice melted too quickly.


My sanity may never recover from the damage done.


The Joy of Frustration

So I recently just got finished putting together a new PC. It's something that I haven't done for a while and I really get a lot of satisfaction out of it. Who knows, maybe it's working with my hands? Whatever the case, I forgot how much of a pain it can be to get everything running smoothly. I've been primarily using a Mac for the past year, so I was removed from my previous PC ways. The little things that pop up make the experience trying on your patience but they also make overcoming those obstacles very rewarding, for me at least. In some ways, I liken it to those old-school games that the people who like the video games are always talking about. You feel pretty awesome after you're through with it all but, along the way, you might get annoyed and confounded beyond all hell. At least at the end, you feel like "Yeah...take that bitch."

Maybe I'm too tough on my hardware. I don't want to hurt my processor's feelings.

Related note: Why would slap a stock fan on a video card that sounds like a jet turbine and then make the fan speed non-adjustable? Seriously, this thing sounds like it's about to take off for LaGuardia. F that noise (PUN INTENDED!).


Mod Update 43 5/4!

I didn't happen to be there, but we hit 0 submissions a few hours ago. Wheee!

It's gone back up just a tiny bit since then but the oldest ones in there are about 20 minutes. Wheee!

Um...I didn't fall asleep on my keyboard. Wheee!


Mod Update 33 1/3

Whew! Alrighty, we're now under 900 submissions with most under 12 hours pending (there's a few stragglers around 15 hours).  So, yeah...cool beans.


Mod Update 2 - The Sequel

We are now safely under the 24 hour turnaround mark (about 18 hours if you're curious) and at about 3,700 subs left. Everything should be moving a lot quicker from here on out. Keep up the great work guys!


Quick Mod Update

Just to let people know, we're currently at about 7,000 submissions left in the queue, which translates to about a 36 hour turnaround time. Thanks to the persistent, hard work of the engineers and the mods, we're getting close. Expect it to be under 24 hours by the end of the week, FO SHO!

And I must say, you guys are awesome. The amount of knowledge present here is staggering. Keep up the great work.