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I was Giant Bomb's first intern, and Ryan Davis put me there.

In 2007 I approached Ryan at a Will Wright conference during the GDC in some random night club in SF to ask him advice about getting into the game journalism industry. He gave me some ridiculously useful tips and ideas, and subsequently he offered me an internship at Giant Bomb on the ground floor. Ryan was an awesome guy, and this utterly, utterly sucks. I just can't believe it.

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If only I can win one of these and put it on my desk at work.

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Oh my god, I remember seeing this @ Giant Bomb a YEAR ago! Wow, it's taken this long to come out?

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Actually this weekend's interview was a repeat that originally aired back during the GDC, but thanks Dave! I thought it was lost forever.

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Raven is a top-notch company with a ton of awesome titles under their belt, so I'm going to reserve judgement until I've played it. These guys do great work. 

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I wanted to attend this, but all I had was an Expo pass, god damn it.

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The second point Jeff brings up is an excellent reason to be familiar with bittorrent and RSS streams! 

Don't pay for cable when you don't have to. Let chumps do that!
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Declaring flag defense as camping is just as idiotic as labeling sniping as camping, too.

They're not the same.

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Holy crap...10tacle filed for insolvency?!

Man, that's horrible. This game was looking great.