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you know what, I've liked EA since 2008. For a good long while I couldn't stand them and their crappy rip offs and their exclusive deal with the NFL and so on and so forth, but since 2008, really with Burnout Paradise, the company has really seemed to shift their focus off of quantity of games with quality of games. Lets be honest, since then they've made the ME series, Mirror's Edge, they brought back C&C, and Battlefield 3 is awesome. Sometimes I think the internet likes to be angry just to be angry.

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its funny, after the whole thing went down in 07 I pretty much logged out of Gamespot for what I thought was the last time... I just logged back in, I was a level 32 over there before I left, whoah! glad to see that everything is where it is.

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@Ihmishylje: Viva Pinata is a definite yes. Also Kameo like others have said. I would also recommend Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and R6Vegas
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@Double0hFor: My thoughts exactly.... Oh well.
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I do it for the points. 
its true, and kind of sad. oh well

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@m1k3: that happened to me actually, but with GOW 2. fortunately, it was launch day for the slim so my best buy had just gotten their shipment. sucks that it happened though.
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I'm interested in this game now. From what I've heard it was never really a terrible game, it just had broken things. Got to love the age of updates.

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I would like to say hydrochloric acid?

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bring back the LAN!