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An Entirely New Way of Playing a Game 0

This is the first review I've written in more than 2 years. I thought i was done with reviewing games, but a game like Heavy Rain comes along and changes my entire perspective on the ways games should be played and stories could be told. This game is a revelation.  First, I couldn't help but ponder for hours after I finished the game whether or not I had just experienced a work of art. I know that the "Videogames aren't art" controversy for a while now, but after playing through the entire game ...

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Sam Fisher... Solid Snake or John McClain? 0

Tom Clancy has a long running history of being one of the best writers when it comes to war and different sections of the Military. It would seem odd then, that one of the best game franchises ever, used the name Tom Clancy, yet was the only game to have a book written after the game, not the other way around. Splinter cell has had three great games, each one having its own unique feel and level design, it really has immersed you into the game of espionage and stealth. The latest offering from S...

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