How young were you when you started liking girls and they liked u

Because of my disorder I never really dated any girls like... well ever not unless they were setup by my parents and even then the girls never liked me but you guys keep thinking I'm a pedophile. That's not true. I just think I didn't get to date or get involved with girls when I was young so that's why I'm still interested in young girls. When did you start liking girls? If you're brave at what age did you lose your virginity? Did you think the girl was too young at the time?


Star Wars Prequels; which character was the funniest purposely?

I don't mean like how Hayden Christensen's stupid hair was funny to laugh at. I mean which character was genuinely the funniest? It's a pretty serious (read: humorless) trilogy but they included some funny moments, which character was the funniest? For me it's a little known character named Neer-Kuhn. He was apparently edited out of the movie and only appears in SuperShadow's original versions of the scripts so it's too bad. Just another example of how Lucas is a terrible director. Also, for a movie that had Natalie Portman in it it was very unsexy too. What's up with that? Did anyone see her in Leon: The Professional? Yowza! What do you guys think and please no Jar Jar votes unless you're serious.


If an actress is 25 but plays a high schooler and is nude...

is that ok? And if that's ok then wouldn't nudity in persona be ok since they're high schoolers and those people don't even exist anyway?

The reason I bring this up is because I brought up a topic about nudity in Persona and people were all like, "But they're in high school!" Well, y'know what? High school aged people are sexy too! Why shouldn't I want to see high school kids get naked especially if they're not even real. Are you telling me that Yukiko and Chie look like they'r ein high school?

If you were able to go to Mars where would you go first?

Some people say that travel to Mars even by citizens will be in our lifetime which is just crazy to think about really but where would you go first? Personally I can't wait to go to Mars. Just seeing the sun from a different view point and seeing the Earth would be breathtaking and worth whatever time it took to got there. 

What about you guys? Where would you go first?

What's the hardest subject you ever taken and why did you take it

Was it worth it?

Now here's the deal, I've got a congenital abnormality, Prader-Willi and one of the components of it is MR. I've gotten many messages from people saying, "Wow, well you sound like you're very educated!" Well that's definitely not true. I was literally in the special ed classes at school and I got to ride the infamous short bus because of the physical manifestations that go along with PW. It's kind of like how some people that have English as a second or third language actually have a better grasp of grammar than native speakers, we had to pay a cruel amount of attention to it as opposed to just speak out of natural instinct which may be affected by the local environs. 

Well with that being said by toughest subject was algebra at age 35! Some of you have read my blog about the teacher I hated. Well, I was 35 at the time and taking night classes trying to get my GED. It was a terrible experience and I'm still taking night classes to get it but it's a lot easier this time around so I guess that it was worth it sort of. :P

What about you guys?

What's the worst thing you've ever wished upon someone and why?

I had this teacher for algebra who was tutoring me because I was having such tough time. She helped me after school because she was a friend of my parents. Well anyway she bought me some books that I could look when I was at home and she made some practice tests for me. She was insinuating that if I did well on her practice tests that I would definitely do well on the test so I was like awesome she's going to put some of these questions on the real test.

Well guess what. The test actual test came up and I got a 65% on it still! The bitch didn't put any of the practice questions on it and I had to take the class over again for summer school. WTF?!? 

So I actually prayed that rats would come and eat her an that they would never find her lying body ever and that her kids would go into depression and shit. The funny thing is like two months after I prayed for that she got into a semi-serious car accident! 

What about you guys?

If given console+games but had to play the best and worst which

console would it be? 

Just to clear up the topic. :P
Let's say that you could get any console for free (All the way to the original and even include PC and arcade) and the only stipulation was that you have to play the ten best AND ten worst games and give each time equal play time which would it be?

Boy, I'm  not sure which way I would go. I mean the classic NES I would get to play the original Zeldas and Marios but then I'd also have to play all those LJN games too. I would say that the PC has some of the best games ever but most certainly the worst too. Dang, tough decision. Which way would you guys go?

DJ Hero; Great or Gay

I honestly have no opinion of my own so that's why I want to see if there's really any excitement over this product. Are you guys waiting for this to come out? Of those of you that do are you fans of this type of music or do you just like rhythm games? I have no idea how to DJ. Are there people waiting for this game that want to try and learn how to DJ or are they already DJ'ing?


If a Superhero saved your life would you make out with him?

Sometimes I'll have a dream about falling and then a random superhero comes up and saves me but then in return kind of expects me to make out with him sort of like Spiderman. In the dream I never make out with him but he gets really angry and that's when I've woken up. It's never been that vivid or specific but that's what I imagine the dream was about.

Say you were getting mugged and a superhero comes down beats everyone up but before he leaves he looks at you and wants something in return. What do you do knowing full well that he could easily destroy you? Would it matter which superhero? Would you make out with Superman but not Batman? 

Would you want nudity in the Persona games?

I've been thinking a lot about this topic. The games are really fun and are well thought out even without nudity but I think that Atlus could bring the games to an even higher level by adding just a bit more maturity to them. I don't think they should go overboard with it though. Just the girls and even then avoid doing nudity for the older women even. 

I think they could make a really memorable game this way. Not only would it add a little bit of maturity but it would also add realism. I mean after spending so much time with girls and then to not see them naked? It's just unrealistic. 

They could even incorporate nudity non-sexually if they want to go that route to be more artsy. Instead of having an uncle that was a cop he could be an Ob/Gyn or Security Guard at his video monitoring console. Things that would fit into the story so that maybe they would fit into puzzles too. 

I know this just sounds like a guy who wants to see naked girls but really it's more about improving gameplay and story.
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