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Slunks said:
"I feel like I just watched the entire movie from the trailer. Particularly, the acting doesn't look too promising, although the older woman seemed pretty good.I'd be careful, too. This is pretty much advertisement and I know the mods don't appreciate it."
Looks like we got a teacher's pet here. He's trying to bring something to our attention that we may be interested in. It's Sam Raimi and I love the Evil Dead movies and still hadn't heard of this film. Besides, he's not gaining any fucking money from doing this. He's trying to inform us.
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It's a very pungent cheese and I just picked up some the other day but I'm having a tough time matching it. If google for it people say things like mustard and onions but I'm not a fan of either of those things! What do you guys match with Limburger?

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Snipzor said:
"It's either this movie, or Up (Released on the same day). What a difficult choice."
Yeah, that is a tough choice since PIxar is the most successful (in terms of critical acclaim) movie studio in history. Not only have they never made a critically panned movie they can't even be described as having made a middling film.
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Fr0Br0 said:
"I'd say Johnny Depp because he kind of looks like a chick."
Johnny Depp, what?
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Umm... why is it stupid?

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Ok, let's not get on the "I'm a homophobe" band-wagon here. I'm just talking about personality wise. Which Punch-Out!! Character would you want to be intimately involved with and why?

For me I would date Great Tiger because I love me some brown skin and spicy food. Plus he seems like he's got a pretty good bod to boot.
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AP testing? What are they for?

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Whoa, Rocko? What are you like fifty?

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Supersoaker + gasoline + matches + cats = best project ever.

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They thought they were called Demotivational Posters.