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Rest in peace Ryan, you will be missed by all of us.

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Bourne Legacy last weekend, would have been a decent action film by any other name. Very tenuous links with the other Bourne films.

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@NicksCorner i'm still working through just taking a while i will still update when i'm done. Thanks for reading.

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@thomasnash I have to say that already I am having this disconnect with the characters and the games never bring that up, for example Miranda and TIM never call you out on your bullshit in regards to perpetration to the suicide mission in 2.

I agree that the choices in Mass Effect 1 really didn't suffer from this and this was probably from the restriction of choice of one binary option or another. The problem that emerges in the second game is that story wise Shepard is supposed to be this baddass who never fails in the face of the Reapers. But I can see Bioware wanted there to be some tension in the finale by having the potential of your squad perishing. Thus the conflict arises that you mentioned with this character who is supposed to be a badass in our story but I am making him a buffoon and there is no real answer to this in the story. I think the reason for that is that Bioware gambled that characters would be so invested one way or another in their morality system that it would be a non issue, so essentially I am playing the second game wrong.

I hope that makes sense?
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The Walking Dead has just gotten worse the longer I watched it, so many problems with character development and pacing just cut your losses with that one, your time is worth more.

That said I'll join the chorus of people saying you should watch the Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and hell I'll throw Justified in there not on the same level as those other shows but it's still pretty great.

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It's definitely up there with the Kingdom Hearts games in terms of awful names.

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Assassins Creed: Revelations bored me to tears and pretty much broke my enjoyment of the series, for me it felt too much like treading water and the missions felt more and more like filler the longer I played.

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My condolences, I am sorry for your loss.

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  • Chopped the leg off, wasn't just going to leave the man there.
  • Gave the food to the kids (obviously) and to Mark and Larry, hoping to win Lily and him over with that gesture.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene as I was suspicious of the farmers.
  • Stopped Clem from eating the food, and screamed YOUR EATING PEOPLE.
  • Tried to save Larry, as much of a dick as he was I wasn't going to just off a guy in front of Clem and his Daughter unless there was no other option.
  • Let both brothers live, I left them in pretty rough conditions anyway so i got the feeling they wouldn't be bothering us again.
  • Left the supplies alone, partly because i'm agreed with Clem and also if someone came back and found their supply stash entirely gone they are probably going to come looking for it, and i am not putting the group at risk like that, kinda wish there was an option that could have expressed that point.
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