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@slurpelve: I was looking for this!

friend code: 5172-2750-8134

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It was a blast guys! Hopefully I can make it every thursday night!


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@Trace: I'd love to join!

Gamertag is: joshertx14


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I know that the new lotr mordor game is only 6gb if you want to install the ultra high texture pack... Gamemakers and publishers definitely work with nvidia and amd to get their games to work on their cards.. So I don't see a brand new card not working with the newest games for at least a year.. As for me I still have a gtx 670 that has 4gb and am still happy with the performance after a year and a half..

You could also sli/crossfire down the road if you need more horsepower..

good luck with the decision!


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I played the crew beta on the pc and it was different than most racing games but still had a lot of rough edges... hopefully they will work out the kinks..

Theres no debate though for me I'm getting horizon 2 first and i'll wait on the reviews for the crew and for driveclub

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Hey guys/gals,

If anyone wants to join my racing club it's simply giantbomb

I'm usually on late in the evening and night fyi..

race on!

josher14 (on steam as well)

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pc: josher14

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I'm really not that into call of duty style fps shooters, but I absolutely love this game! I've got a couple of friends with the game as well and being on the same team and leveling up really is satisfying whether you win or lose. There's so much customization of all your guns/perks/loadouts that it stays fresh.. I've played around 12 hours and still want to play more!

and yes it's definitely worth $60...


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hey duders/dudettes....

i'm josher14 on steam as well... i'm usually off on tues/wed nights to game late and have a pretty big library

go ahead and add me!



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i'll be praying for his family/friends and the whole crew here...

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