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Loved the interview. Keep up the good work, Patrick.

I'm pretty bummed that most of the complaints about this being on the site are from premium members. I just don't get it... if you don't want to read it, then don't. This is the Internet, where we have unlimited pages and we can create something out of nothing. It's not like this is a magazine or newspaper and the Blair Witch interview is taking up space that something else about video games could be filling.

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Just a tidbit for all of you who say you use AdBlock because you believe the advertising model is old and should die: it won't.

If enough people start using AdBlock for it to seriously affect ad revenue on large sites, what will happen is that those companies will just end their deals with third-party ad providers, set up their own ad servers, sell their own ads, and code their sites in such a way that AdBlock doesn't work on them.

I know this because it's already happening. You just have to look in the right places. The only reason more people aren't currently doing it is that right now the cost of essentially setting up and running their own ad network outweighs what AdBlock is costing them. When the scale tips the other way, they'll make the switch in a heartbeat.

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Any game that has good Xbox 360 controller support, I play with a controller. Even FPS games.

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This is the first game of its type that I've played, so I went with Easy. I'm still having a ton of fun with it and I've had a few tough battles.

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The only games I was surprised about making it into the top 10 were Syndicate and ZombiU. I was surprised that the other guys didn't put up more of a fight against Jeff and Patrick on those.

(Not saying they are bad games, I haven't played either... just surprised based on general consensus throughout the year.)

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I'm in the final stages of building my first gaming PC, and I'm still not really sure what video card to choose. My limit is $200 MAX, hopefully cheaper. I realize that I may not get the best performance out of the newest games, but I'm also going to be playing at a relatively low screen resolution, probably close to 720p.

The CPU is an i3 3220. With that, will there be a certain level where a better video card won't help me?

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I wouldn't mind it if it was done right, but the problem is that it's really hard to do podcast advertising right.

An example of one network that does get it right is 5by5. On these shows, an advertiser gets worked into the middle of each episode, and the hosts take a minute or two to discuss the advertiser and why it's cool. There are a few obvious "high points" provided by the advertiser but they talk about it in a natural way without reading a script or sounding like shills.

But the reason those ads work is that the products fit the audience but are not themselves objects of discussion and criticism. But with a video game podcast like the Bombcast, the most likely product to get advertised would be video games themselves. This raises an issue because you can't exactly have an ad for Medal of Honor: Warfigher, for instance, where the hosts have to talk about the game in a way that tries to sell it, and then trash it. That doesn't really work for the hosts, the advertiser, or the listener.

There have to be some smart advertisers out there who are not in the video game industry who recognize the value of the Bombcast and how their brand could fit in with the show's audience. (As someone mentioned already, Zojirushi comes to mind.) If that can happen, I'm really not opposed to advertising on the show.

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@david3cm: I believe it's 9AM Pacific this morning.

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So if we've imported the track list from RB1 and RB2 into RB3, do we get those songs in Rock Band Blitz as well, or just DLC songs?

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