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I'm totally with him. Fuck the destination.

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I think they are simplifying the mechanics a little, and making it a little harder for a single player to ruin the game for the other 4 teammates. This is because gold and exp is shared on some level.

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Add your username below!

Mine is: RestingCoder

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I played for an hour or so earlier this evening, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I will definitely keep going.

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I love you guys. So much.

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Kindite: 0061-0299-9413

If you add me, let me know by @ing me, or PMing me, and I will add you back.

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@crosstheatlantic: Yeah. I never cared about used games policies in the first place. My gripe about XB1 was the 24 hour check. I'm not always somewhere with internet.

I didn't even have a PS3 until late 2011. I had a 360 since launch. PS4 for me, and unless something changes with the 24 hour check-in, I won't get a XB1. I'll damn sure play the exclusives I am interested in (can't think of any) at a friends house though.