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I love you guys. So much.

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Kindite: 0061-0299-9413

If you add me, let me know by @ing me, or PMing me, and I will add you back.

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@crosstheatlantic: Yeah. I never cared about used games policies in the first place. My gripe about XB1 was the 24 hour check. I'm not always somewhere with internet.

I didn't even have a PS3 until late 2011. I had a 360 since launch. PS4 for me, and unless something changes with the 24 hour check-in, I won't get a XB1. I'll damn sure play the exclusives I am interested in (can't think of any) at a friends house though.

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@zombie2011: Out of control budgets are why games are perceived as failures, even when they sell millions of copies.

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I can't wait for EA to try to re-implement online passes after just publicly removing them. :D

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I look forward to a copy of this thread being posted on another site, after you get banned from here for the same dumb shit. Enjoy your stay.

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How into Foundry quests are you guys? I have started a site that I plan on filling with reviews/articles of Foundry quests, as well as videos of the quest, mostly in an edited down format.

Is this the sort of content you guys would like to see regarding Foundry quests? I was first drawn to the game because it was D&D, but then I saw it was going to be a F2P MMO. The only thing that convinced me to play it was the idea of player created content.

If you'd like to see some of the content I am talking about to get a sense of how it would look, you can check it out at

I'd be very interested in hearing you thoughts on Foundry, as well as what I am doing here.

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Ah, yeah. It sounded familiar, but I was thinking it was from a movie.