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As someone who loves time travel stories, this movie was a severe disappointment.

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@yukoasho: I just wanted to let you know that not only do I agree with everything you said here, but you also worded it in a way that is not overly aggressive. Those are two things I can't say often in these kinds of discussions. That is all I came here to say.

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Christ I hate this kid so much. How can any person act like this and not feel awful? I'm glad the services are back up again.

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As someone who just finished the visual novel Steins;Gate, and then watched the entire anime, that ending got me teared up a couple times. Even though it ultimately resolves in a way that isn't cripplingly depressing, what the main character is willing to do through his actions in the end were truly upsetting for me.

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I've tried it out and honestly think it's a pretty good service. The pricing for some stuff is pretty insane sure, but some of it is reasonable when I factor in how convenient it is. Also:

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I wonder if they'll bring Persona 5 to PS Now on/near release. That's probably too much to ask. But if I had the option I would probably stream it on PS4/Vita rather than play it on PS3.

I hope to god this happens. I'm not willing to buy a PS3 only for Persona 5, but I also want some way to play Persona 5. I can only hope Sony is smart enough to anticipate this desire.

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I was not particularly bothered by the titles of these articles, but those buzzfeed ones make me sick. It makes me never want to visit their site.

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Thank you Patrick <>

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Geneva, IL, USA

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It's looking like based on what I want right now Watch Dogs is the way to go. I'll probably grab Infamous when I can get it cheaper. Thanks for helping me out duders!

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I now have the time and money to sink my teeth into a new open world game. I was planning on getting Watch Dogs, but with its "meh" response I was wondering which game you think is an overall better open world game for my PS4: Watch Dogs or Infamous Second Son?

Thanks duders!