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Stream is officially live. First of the dual Deus Ex stream on Vidyashorts hosted by none other than TeIeri. Come join us tonight as we begin our journey through one of the most anticipated games of this generation. Can it follow in the original 2000 classic's footsteps or will it fall short of greatness. Find out tonight with all of us as TeIeri treks through the game from start to finish as his first ever Vidyashorts stream.

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@Cloudenvy: We know the rules and have been instructed on how to properly thread for something like this. This isn't our first one, but I see where you're coming from and respect your actions.
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@Cloudenvy: It was made kind of last minute due to prior engagements, but either way it's up to you whether or not you want to join us for the grand finale.
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Officially live for the final Minish Cap stream by Teleri. Come join us as we make our way through the final dungeon and save Hyrule (yet again), and aim for 100% completion in what may be Teleri's final scheduled Zelda stream.

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@RaikohBlade said:
Some games are worth streaming, some aren't. Zelda is the kind of game where if you're not playing it yourself, it can get really boring to watch. Watching someone try to solve puzzles is boring unless it's a special kind of game, like Catherine. Then you can crack jokes about it. Of course, that's just my opinion.
It really all depends on the streamer and the community you're watching it with. We've streamed plenty of games at Vidyashorts that you wouldn't think would be good streaming material, but they always work out for the best. The game doesn't have anything to do with how good a stream will be.
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Going live in 10 minutes folks. Come join us as TeIeri streams The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. This is only the second stream after his return so don't fret, you haven't missed much. Partake in the excitement as we delve deeper into TeIer's blind run of this Zelda great and get involved with the streamer and the active chat and community we are all a part of.
Come for the stream, stay for the chat - Vidyashorts

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We're live for at least another two hours, there's still time to come and watch and be a part of the game. Come and join the fun with the rest of the great vidyashorts community.

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Continuing again with our adventures in the shoes of JC Denton. Now with improved graphics and no letter-boxing!
Join us tonight as we venture towards the conclusion of this 2000 game of the year classic in one of TeIeri's final streams for the summer.

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A long stretch of streams to finish a game long forgotten. If you've been at all following Teleri or Vidyashorts, come by and watch as Teleri tries to complete this game he started many moons ago but until now has had yet to return to the world of Deus Ex.
This series of streams will be the last streams by Teleri before the second of June when he leaves for Europe for the summer. So come by and watch as we venture into the world and take on the role of JC Denton while Teleri attempts to wrap-up this classic of the early 2000's

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@jkuc316 said:
" He doesn't know how to play it I guess.The Boss shouldn't be THAT hard (If you are in an easy difficulty) "
He also streamed Deus Ex about a year ago and I just don't think he can grasp stealth concepts in a game or silent take downs.
But after ~22 hours on normal difficulty, at least he's getting it done :D
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