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In this article: Two guys that agree with each other maybe a little too much.

Aren't all of his interviews?

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Does anyone else find it sad that this site has become so toxic that the mods have to lock down threads if they aren't around to babysit it?

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Ever since Patrick has come on, GB has become a political site. I think we just have to get used to that.

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No. Liking stuff is for losers. The more negative, the cooler you seem.

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To all the idiots crying that political correctness is ruining everything: You don't know what you're talking about. Please shut up.

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Why isn't Patrick writing about this?

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I'm not going out on a "hipster" or "Jeff is jaded" rant. What I will say is that Patrick's "I'm going to use this site as a political platform. Well, and to shill for my buddies' projects" attitude has made a site that used to be about the fun and dumbness inherent in this medium and has made it a site that's basically about shaming anyone who doesn't think Zoe Quinn is the greatest mind in videogame history.

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Invest in a spell checker.

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Just let Fish stomp and yell and slam doors until he tires himself out and decides he wants more money. Then he'll release another broken game while telling everyone around him how genius he is.

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I like how if someone criticizes Fish, they're an angry, disturbed, Internet troll. But Fish telling people to kill themselves is acceptable because he made an okay game. You can't tell people to choke on your dick and act like your feelings are hurt when people call you a twat.