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God I love these threads

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I absolutely cannot believe they got rid of Ryan and Justin. It's a very shitty thing for all of those concerned but those two really surprised me. Jeff and Brad must be pretty bummed out right now.

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Any archive of this anywhere? Missed it and there isn't an archive on Twitch or anything...

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I guess I am? It's been a verrry long time since they announced it though. Looks pretty promising though, although something looks slightly... off.

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Can't watch it just it just yet but I assume the song is "My Heart Belongs to Giant Bomb"? because even a mention of that song gets it stuck in my head

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sometimes i'll start up and over and then begin to walk backwards and see how far I can make it before I finish, it's a run and dangerous game.

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I wonder if and when Jeff will sit down with the new guys and just be like "ok guys, some of the community are just straight up assholes..."

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@shagge said:

Eraserhead. I've actually watched it multiple times (it's my favorite David Lynch film), but I wish I hadn't. I wish I had only watched it once, and let it become more and more dreamlike in my memory. Now I feel like I know it too well, and familiarity removes some of what made it so great: the disorientation and vague sense of fear and disgust.

Same goes for Jan Svankmajer's Alice.

Came here to say Eraserhead... god, what a film.

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I played Call of Duty 3 online for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages after it came out

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