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Still see this face in my head whenever I hear "the Mountain"

Yeah this guy was pretty much perfect, it seems like the new guy won't talk much either, with his weird almost Jamaican sounding voice... "Who am ah faaaitin'?"

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London, UK

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And what's the deal with airplane food?

dammit you beat me to it by 1 minute

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Yeeeeees! Did it first time after I took all of your advice, thanks very much =D used the craftsman's hammer for it, was pretty effective - shall I continue to level it up or go back to the mace I was levelling?

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Yeah I have been searching for a 100% shield, knowing only about the one after the pursuer (tried that fight once and won't try it again for a while) and the one that McDuff sells you but I can't seem to get him to sell me stuff, even after lighting the torch. I've just gone to get the rings available in the forest - will go to the wharf next. Thanks again all! =D

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@adamwd: cheers will give that a go too

@tennmuerti: yeah these are all the rings I have will go back through and have a bit of a search, thanks!

@yummylee: Will give that all a go! thanks

Hopefully my next reply will be a triumphant one, thanks for all the info guys =D

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Yeah I've managed to kinda consistently kill the first one with the help of Pilgrim Bellclaire but as soon as we hit the floor it always goes badly wrong

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Ok, so I'm a bit stuck on the ruin sentinels right now and I am wondering whether I should put the majority of my souls into levelling up or upgrading my weapons more. Here are pics of my current character and my two main weapons. Also a lot of the mobs on the boss run have stopped spawning, I am based at McDuff's workshop having come from No Man's Wharf... help

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Hooooly shiiiiiit

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Simpsons did it