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I don't post to the GB forums (or blogs) very much but seeing as how there seems to be a diverse and friendly metal tingent, I may start to.

Unfortunately I can't hotlnk YouTube videos (I'm on my phone) but ill list a few albums I've been rocking lately and I hope you guys check them out. If there's one thing I love as much as video games, it's sharing music with people

Aoria - The Constant

New Keepers of the Water Towers - Starchild

Kongh - Sole Creation

Nails - Abandon All Life

Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy

Portal - Vexovoid

Devourment - Conceived in Sewage

Autopsy - The Headless Ritual

The Fall of Every Season - Amends

Satan - Life Sentence

I'm sure I'm forgetting some. If you guys haven't listened to some of these definitely check them out!

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This devastated me today. I've been watching and reading Ryan's stuff since back in the Gamespot days. The Giant Bombcast was one if those podcasts that I waited for eagerly, every week even if it was a slow week for video games. Along with the other duders, I valued Ryan's opinions on games and gaming news more than most of people covering games currently.

If there weren't any issues on games to talk about, you would be damn sure they'd still put out a 3 hour podcast of them just shooting the shit and telling stories; almost always guaranteed to make me smile.

I never met any of the Giant Bomb crew but for some strange reason they felt like friends. Hell, I'd catch myself interjecting out loud with my own two cents while listening to the podcast.

From what I can tell Ryan was a great dude who was loved by very many, even those who had barely seen him in real life. That's the kind of guy I hope to be. It seems that's the kind of guy Ryan Davis was.

RIP Ryan.

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Price: $299

Release: Nov 18 worldwide.

I just hope they made enough of them to not have a repeat of the Wii launch.

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I used to take comments on the internet seriously,  but then I took an arrow to the knee.
But in all seriousness;  90% of the comments on videos and articles on the internet consist of morons throwing their own feces at each other. Let's enjoy the light-hearted meme that's snicker inducing when done right and eye rolling when done wrong.

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After I finish cooking and eating thanksgiving dinner: all the hours. All of them

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Ensiferum, Wintersun, Norther, Suidakra, Kalmah, Ulver, Agalloch, Noumena, the first Disillusion album, Opeth, Immortal, Omnium Gatherum, Be'lakor.

There are tons of epic-sounding bands in melodic death metal, but these are some of my favorites.

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I think if you try to set another waypoint (instructions on how to do so should be on the bottom of the map screen) you will get a prompt asking you if you'd like to remove your current mark or move it to the new location you've selected.

Hope this helps.

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I haven't had any thugs come after me (my character is a doughy eyed do-gooder) but I did have an attempt on my head from the Dark Brotherhood. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm wondering if it's a natural thing to happen during normal play or if I did something to piss someone off.

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I've put in 14 hours so far. I have been toying with the thought of starting a side character soon with stealth and thievery in mind. Unfortunately, I work third shift so my weekend is over tonight. :(

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When I heard Pete's voice coming out of that guy I could have sworn I was having some sort of strange fever dream!

Did it take any of you a little bit to not expect the Oblivion voices to come out of the characters when you talked to them? I know it took me a few hours at least but perhaps that's on account that I played Oblivion for about 70 hours in preparation for Skyrim.