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This seems more like an impersonal business decision from 2k. Ken Levine and the other studio heads were probably faced with a hard decision from 2K. The game probably didn't sell as much as their internal predictions. They are basically operating with a skeleton crew over there. Irregardless, everyone was probably going to get fired. This decision allows the name Irrational stay alive for a little longer. Instead of 2k getting blamed for the decision, Ken gets all the blame.

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The jungle tileset is so laggy for me, I'm glad it looks so smooth on your end. I am so glad I don't have to harvest anymore of those planets.

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I have an extra Lapis and a couple of Vermilion anti-toxins, if you need to do this event and don't want to grind out the plants, message me on the clan chat and we'll go do this :)

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Something about Polygon is just off-putting to me. I don't know if its their content is more off-putting than their pretentious design and tone of their website. Their early review of the PS4 and other debacles such as Sim-Ciy makes me not like their website.

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We should support our Tenno bros, even if its helping out the Grineer. Just sayin'

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They should give it to us instead :P

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Sup duders. Here is my submission to the contest

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One thing that games for the Oculus games need is binaural recording to make very realistic 3D sound. First person oculus rift games has the most obvious applications of this.

Put on your headphones and listen to this and you'll see what I mean immediately.

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Mind if i get an invite too? its also journ3y ingame

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One of us... one of us.... one of us.... one of us.....