I really, really hate Legendary.

I'm sure most people on the site remember that very old quick look thing of said game... Well, out of sheer curiosity I decided to check it out, because I had gift points from my local store and I didn't really think of anything better to get. But... oh god. Words could not describe how bad I felt for making this descision.
Instead, here's a video that speaks for itself.

Now that I recall... I had enough gift points to get Viva Pinata instead. Guess I should go time-warp and punch myself in the past.
P.S. I you don't want to hear me rambling like a maniac skip to the last minute to see the game broken and burned.

My Dead Rising 2 Video Review

I'm not that great with these, but hopefully it'll scratch the itch you have until Jeff gets his done :)
P.S. If you're wondering about score, even though I don't like to review games that way, you can compare it to a 3/5 star rating or something. 


Starting a series of ''Quick Plays'' and ''Thorough Plays''

Inspired by Giantbomb, I have, along with my friend, decided to take looks at games in a similar fashion. We're hoping to improve with time and start adding more distingiushable features to our videos.


Comments and and all are well appreciated, :)