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I've noticed recently that some Japanese games with both English and Japanese VO tend to cater to the English VO in terms of lip sync. Asura's Wrath and Killer is Dead are two I can think of currently but I'm sure there's more. While I do understand that perhaps these games were made for a western audience to begin with (?) it's a bit peculiar to see broken lip sync in a Japanese game with Japanese VO.

Or then again, it may just be low production values and/or developers not caring anymore.

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My laptop is downright useless for gaming, but by using a friend's steam account I tried it.

  • CPU: Intel i3-3130m 2.40 Ghz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: Geforce 610m (this is what essentially murders all futile attempts to run)
  • OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

I put everything as low as the game allowed, 720p, and got sort of stable a stable 30 frames with lots of random dips in high-detail-indoor environments. I actually finished it like this, though some would really argue the point of even doing so. But I guess I'm tenacious like that. Good game though, would buy it when price drops and when I get a new laptop.

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@TheMasterDS said:

@JoyfullOFrockets: Yes. Fail to get a girl in act 1 and you'll see it.

Oh, I've seen that one on youtube, I just dismissed it as a bad end since in essence it was kinda sad.

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@TheMasterDS said:

@JoyfullOFrockets: I'd say so, yeah. I think that Lilly probably has the best end result (e.g. most positive impact for 3/5 girls & a pretty well mapped out future) but I relate more to the stuff along Rin's path personally. I'd also say you need to see Shizune's path, there's a thing at the end of Act 3 which is a real bummer I think needs to be seen. Hanako is alright though if you've seen her come into her own on Lilly's path you might be a bit let down by the Hanako path. Hard to say, probably should give it a shot anyway. I think there are reasons to see every path.

I see. I was thinking probably if I'd start up again I'd go for Shizune since I wanted more about the conflict between her and Lilly. Also, is there some special hidden entirely comedy-driven route in the game?

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So many feels bro. That's all I can say. I got Emi's good end on my first run and got Lilly's good end on my second. Are the others worth seeing? Emi's was great and all but Lilly's hit so close to home I'd be hard pressed to think any other route would have me emotionally invested as much.

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In any case, his channel is probably going to go kaput now. Too bad : <

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Oh yes, and switch the reticle to classic. You'll see it's much more satisfying not to mention easier.

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I sort of agree with OP, the hate is a bit too much. I played the demo and had minimal complaints. It's not a great game, but I'd say good enough to play when the price gets more fair.