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I tried, but it still does that. As I said, unless it stops pre-rendering frames, it's real bad.
Ugh, why couldn't PC games at least have the option to cap frames? I loved how RE5 gave you not one but two choices, 30 and 60. I'd prefer a constant 60 rather than have it go up to 100 only to slow down to around 60 again anyway.
Okay, here's what happens in full detail. I get high frame rates averagely. Fraps shows around 100 indoors, 50 with action and 70 without action outdoors. I'm running it on 1280x1024 maxed out settings plus anti-aliasing x4. But every few seconds it hitches and skips a frame. In 3 key sequences it becomes a slideshow. 1. When me and Price are running away from the APC and it starts shooting all the trees. 2. Underwater sequence when nearing submarine 3. When helicopters are falling from the sky. Also, when I decrease pre-rendered frames, there's much less hitching.

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Lemme be honest here, I don't really give two shits about the framerate itself. It can go down all it wants, but when it starts to skip frames and hitch along with pauses, it drives me literally insane. And as I said, could the hitching be due to viruses?

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Well I didn't exactly pay a lot for that videocard, so I'm more than happy with what I got =D
Anyway, I think the addition of streaming textures and full ragdolls really stresses the cpu out. Even if pre rendered frames is set to 0, the cpu is hard at work calculating ragdolls, effects, checkpoints, etc. So that's probably why it don't have room to pre-render frames.
But you'd think an 8800 GT and a dual core 2.5 are pretty on par with eachother in terms of class? Or does an 8800 demand more?
EDIT: I defrag my drive every day. However I haven't run a anti-virus scan in ages.

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Hm, well, if I set the pre-rendered frames to anything above 0 it does the slideshow-thing. I must note this is the only game to do this. Even it's big brother COD4 didn't give me such problems. However, I did cap COD4 at 60 frames via the console...
Oh, yeah, and my video drivers are up to date. I downloaded them immediately after getting the new card. So, the CPU is bogging me down?

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I know, right, the game that runs at rock solid 60 frames on outdated consoles? Well, not so well on my PC, apparently. Before you say it's not up to snuff, here are my specs.
E5200 2.5 Ghz; 9800 GT Silent Cell, 4 GB RAM, XP SP3.
Now, what I'm experiencing isn't exactly a low framerate. It's maybe a bit of the opposite, actually. When the frames go over 100 in heated action, it suddenly becomes a slideshow. There's also very often hitches and pauses throughout. This only occurs in the campaign, I must note. The only fix I found, was to go to Nvidia Control Panel, set the maximum number of pre-rendered frames to 0. This in turn lowered my FPS, but eliminated the slideshows, however many hitches and pauses remained.
Anybody else have this? I'm sure a very simple way to cap the performance would suffice, but alas IW stripped me of my beloved console. :(

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Over here (Bulgaria, Europe) we have a national epidemic of the flu. School's out all week.
And no, people are just afraid of it being swine flu, it's not actually that. I was actually sick a little while ago.

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Damn, I forgot about time zone differences.
For the first time, Australians get a game earlier, contrary to what I've always believed.

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The game is not yet even playable on the PC. It unlocks on 10-th exactly. So, either those people have hacked the game illegally somehow, or they're lying.

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Even if it does migrate hosts during gameplay, it sure beats getting kicked from the game instead. If it keeps migrating, then leave on your own! Then join some other server.
Upon changing hosts it finds one with the least possible latency, so lag won't be as inhuman as people expect.

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It's pretty obvious that the PC crowd will be the least participating, but think about how fast this whole thing will blow away. It'll sell like hookers on consoles. PC people will probably end up buying it anyway, and in the end, Activision will most likely get their way. Isn't it almost evil how they planned this? It's a bit sad IW to fall prey to such a large entity, but I simply cannot deny they're one of my favourite developers.
Just to note a small fact too, retailers over here have noted that the PC version of MW2 has 60% of the pre-orders compared to the console ones.
So... I'm seeing this getting locked soon, however, it'd be nice to see how other people think this will turn out, in an honest and preferably non-argumentative way.