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Quite a bit... Yeah, I'm an achievement whore. A bad achievement list can ruin a game for me, sadly.

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If it were me, I'd have shot the very edge of the box off of the tree with a BB gun. Of course, that would also take forever and I may damage the goods, though still beats climbing.

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19. Meh.

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I played the demo, all I could think is they've made I Robot: The Game, though some years too late.

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Pretty good demo. Love the way the weapons handle, graphics looking sharp and everything has a nice, smooth feel to it. The running animations are a bit awkward, however.

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I think the whole thing is just a not-so-blunt way of saying ''if you have gold, you can get the demo;'' seeing as it asks you for your gamertag before starting the decode.

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:


I think what reward you get depends on what attempt you successfully decrypt. There seems to be three awards (Normandy Avatar Item, T-Shirt, Demo code) When I won the avatar item I got it on my first attempt, when I got the demo I got it on my third attempt.

Well, the post above indicates that's not the case.

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Got a code as well, no idea if it was luck or something like that but I failed on attempt 1 and 2 but got a code on 3. Is it scripted or something?

Also, how can this be re-downloaded from another console with the same account signed in?

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Pretty sure it's just a phase. You'll grow out of it eventually, most likely.

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I don't really care about 30 to 60, as long as if it's going for 60 it should stay on a solid 60 and not drop all the time.