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For me it's really weird, it always seems to capture footage from hours ago and not the past 15 minutes that I actually wanted.

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Chaos Wars:

- Appalling voice acting.

+ Appalling voice acting is worth a good laugh.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

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I thought the majority of the bugs were patched, not sure though.

I'm pretty certain there is a patch to fix the 30 fps cap though.

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Thank goodness, the level scaling was the only problem I had with Oblivion (other than the psychic guards), so this sounds really good.

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@matthias2437: Agreed, one of the reasons I've been looking forward to Hard Reset.

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Hopefully it is available after the game is released, I don't have access to a best buy.

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@Icemael: It's been mentioned a few times, but I recommend Amnesia: The Dark Decent, I played through it recently and it's pretty good. It has a 1st person perspective were no weapons can actually be gained, your only hope is to hide from the monsters. Pretty creepy stuff. 
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@Icemael said:
" @BeachThunder said:
" Also, the only thing scary about fixed camera angles is the fact that anyone could possibly believe it's a good idea. "
They're great when used properly. Problem is, they practically never are. The only horror games I've played that have used them well are the Project Zero games. Silent Hill, Resident Evil and all the others would be better off with player-controlled camera angles. "
It does become a problem when you cannot shoot the enemy because you can't see where it is, even though it's walking down a narrow corridor right in front of your character. I think when used right, fixed camera angles can really help give a cinematic feel. They are not necessary for horror though.
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@LackingSaint said:
" @samusaran253 said:
" Horror games started to suck once RE4 came out, which was a horrible game. "
Resident Evil 4 was amazing, it's just that anything that's tried to mimic anything about it has been awful. "
I agree, Resident Evil 4 was fantastic. All though I wouldn't really think of it as a horror game, it had some pretty tense moments.
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Yeah, I played through it on the Wii and thought it was pretty good for a on rail shooter, I enjoyed it. 
I'm Actually looking forward to it in HD with trophy support.

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