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I'm against terrible food. People need to understand what REAL food tastes like, it tastes better than that crap for sure. Eat as much wheat, sugar, or fatty meat as you want...but at least have the good sense to eat the best quality of each of that garbage.

If your going to eat a donuts at least eat a freshly made fantastic ones. If your going to eat a pancake covered in butter & syrup, at least have the brains to eat the best made pancakes and real maple syrup. I'd rather eat at home something healthy and good six days a week, and THEN spend $25 for an indulgent breakfast at the best place in town once a week.

Not to be a snob, but I think I eat fast food only once a year, and when I do I get as LITTLE as possible. Anyone who eats fast food is a fool. I'd have more respect for the guy who eats 10 lbs the best BBQ at a local place every day than anyone who eats a salad at a fast food place every day. The guy eating BBQ, dying of heart disease at least cares enough about himself to eat real food, well prepared.

Holy crap, that's a lot of wisdom...

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Here you go:


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Last year we were moving back to europe, and I was about to fly back with my 3 kids (all under 8) and a substantial amount of luggage. On the airport I used a (backpack with a) leash on my 4 year old son. It was to prevent the scenario where my wild boy would run away in a huge busy international airport and me having to have to leave two other kids and luggage behind unsupervised to try and find him.

If you consider that bad or lazy parenting I don't know what to tell you.

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@ares42 said:

Theft = taking something someone else spent money/work on producing.

Piracy = reproducing something someone else holds the rights to reproduce.

They are very different things, as one is a practical offence while the other one is a theoretical one.

Seems like a weird definition, since a pirate does take something someone else spent money/work on producing (without consent).

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If you (the OP) come from a first world country which seems to be the case, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a great sports star yourself. Which answers the "is it fair" question.

Should you become one of the best teachers of troubled young kids in the world, or the best at selling yourself I am sure you can become rich too. By becoming a public speaker/expert on the subject, or by teaching some rich sportsstars kid some manners. I bet that Nanny lady on TV is loaded by now.

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Is the game setup in a way that several instances can be spawned of a zone? If that is the case I don't see how they could have such a rough launch. The instances could all run on different (virtual or physical) servers, and you can make the game server (I think they call them shards to mark the difference?) as big or small as you want purely from a design standpoint, there are no real technical limitations anymore.

Just set up your game at one of those cloud providers like microsoft or amazon and scale the capacity based on demand. Yeah, you are still paying for the capacity but because of the unexpected success you are also receiving a ton of money, and you don't have any abandoned servers after launch or empty shards.

IIRC this is how a ton of mmo's like Tera and Neverwinter Online did it, and those seemed to launch relatively smooth.

Am I missing something here?

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Godfuckingdamnit, I want to add to make this the biggest comment thread in internethistory, but there is nothing to say. RIP you magnificent man.

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I think you are confusing not liking something versus not seeing the appeal in something.

I would never sit my ass naked into a cake, but with a bit of open mindedness I can see why someone else would. I think.