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Yeah, it was pretty great again.

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Wow, guess I got suckered into this one. Props to the people that made that commercial.

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I think this is real. And it might even be a planned leak by Sony to get a little extra publicity before the upcoming Microsoft event.

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They will probably all hate my guts.

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@donpixel said:

I fear, not just about the Wii-U, but the whole console market.

Yeah, really curious what the end of the year is going to look like. Are enough people willing to shell out for -what looks like pretty expensive- next gen systems? I honestly don't know...

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I would be interested in an invite once the guild is up. Baragh@Vyggo is my name ingame. Level 12 half-orc control wizard, because half-orcs can be wizards too you know....

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I started as a guardian, but rolled a control wizard after a bit because I wasn't feeling it that much. So far the wizard is way more fun and involved. You get to teleport around choking guys to death, I can see myself playing this game for a bit.

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Think back of some stuff the crew played in QL's or other features that you thought: "Damn, I want to play that." Pick those up.

That's (one of the reasons) why this site is great right?

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My queue position keeps switching between around 1400 and 4000 instead of doing anything I'd expect a queue to do. Guess I'll play it later

The queue could go up because of paying customers being prioritized. Earlier I had mine go from 3k to 100 back and forth but the 100 one was apparently the right one because I got in after a couple of minutes. I think something is going wrong there somewhere.