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I'm getting it too. Hope they fix it soon as I'm way behind on GB content and I don't want to skip over any of the podcasts as I catch up on everything in chronological order.

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Yeah, I've got it too. It's so bad in my case that it's completely unplayable for me. I've tried pretty much all the fixes out there to no avail. Limiting the framerate in the .xml file didn't fix it no matter what I set it to (making sure to set the file to read-only each time I changed it), none of the frame buffer settings fix it, no combination of high/low settings fixes it, V-sync on or off in-game doesn't fix it, setting V-sync in the nVidia control panel to adaptive or on doesn't fix it, running in either DX9 or DX11 has no effect.

Guess I'll just have to wait for a patch or some drivers that hopefully fix it. I also have a strange rendering bug that seems to affect some people with micro stuttering too, where random entitites and parts of the world just render as a bright white space with no geomtery like a big white void. Getting closer to the area that's not being rendered tends to make it change to being speckled with white spots instead of just being totally white, and closer still makes it render normally.

The micro stuttering is actually a fairly common problem from just googling around, and unfortunately there is no sure fix for it yet. One person can make it go away by one method, another person by another method, and some people can't make it go away at all.

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Because it's a 1st person game, in Far Cry 2 you didn't evem have a map on the HUD, so you had to pull up a physical map that covered your vision while driving, it produced some hillarious results.

It didn't cover your vision, if I recall; rather, your character held it down toward their lap, so you had to take your eyes off the road. Hmm, or maybe I'm totally remembering wrong.

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Far Cry 2 is one of the worst games I've played this generation, 3 is leaps and bounds above that piece of shit.

Far Cry 2 was a great game, what was so bad about it to you?

The shooting, the characters, the premise, the respawns and how repetitive it was, it was also an ugly game even on PC I think.

Goodness, no. Maxed out, it was one of the better looking games on the PC. I still think it's one of the better looking games on the PC, really.

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I always prefer first-person driving in FPS's, provided they give you control of your head with the mouse (which all of them I've played do). Never had trouble with getting disoriented or confused or anything. I don't need to see the outside of my car as long as I can easily look around.

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Out of curiosity, does Far Cry 3 assign each of your weapon slots to different weapon categories the way the second game did, or can you carry any 4 weapons once you've got your weapon capacity maxed out? Can you do something silly like roll with 3 sniper rifles and a pistol if you want?

I just checked and you can totally equip multiples of a weapon type. So if you have 3 different pistols, you can equip all at the same time. However, if I am understanding this right, they share ammo.

Ah, that's great. Shared ammo is fine. But I really didn't like the category limitations in Far Cry 2. Carrying a shotgun around came in handy in that game, but carrying a sniper rifle around came in more handy for me, and you couldn't have both because they were both in the "primary" slot.

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Out of curiosity, does Far Cry 3 assign each of your weapon slots to different weapon categories the way the second game did, or can you carry any 4 weapons once you've got your weapon capacity maxed out? Can you do something silly like roll with 3 sniper rifles and a pistol if you want?

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It depends on the game, really. Smoothness of gameplay is often impacted by framerate differently between different games. I've always found Crysis to be oddly smooth and playable even at average framerates around 35 FPS and minimum dips to 25 (not to say higher framerates aren't nicer). Meanwhile, in Far Cry 2, mouse lag slowly starts becoming meaningful once you start going below about 45 FPS, with anything below 35 being obnoxiously unresponsive to me. I haven't played Far Cry 3 yet, but I suspect it'll be the same for me.

Keeping in mind that my numbers are with V-sync turned off, so no added mouse lag from that. I always find V-sync mouse lag unacceptable, with or without triple buffering.

I'd be curious to find out what the technical reasons are behind different games being affected by framerate differently.

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Friends says breast milk tastes like cantaloupe juice, and I don't like cantaloupes.

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@JP_Russell: I use my hard drive for storage, unless there's something else at work I don't know about.

XBOX Live basically uses a cloud system to store your profile and game-specific configurations and saves and such, as I understand it (so it syncs what's on your hard drive with their servers, and can on the other hand pull stuff in from the servers to be used on any 360, and this system can lead to bugs where it overwrites things it's not supposed to during syncing, or just straight-up deletes things entirely).

These sorts of problems can occur on Steam with some games, as well, if you leave Steam Cloud enabled, and I know I've heard of them happening on the PS3 with its cloud service, too. On Steam, you can just turn it off, but I assume you have no such control on Live other than not connecting to it at all.

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Sounds like some sort of cloud storage issue, especially if it's across platforms.