Starcraft 2 Mobile App

I work for a small web app development company and we're all pretty addicted to SC2. We play a game at lunch most days if we've got the time, but we're all still quite bad (Top 8 Bronze). Anyway, we were investigating new frameworks the other day, and decided to put together a little web app for the iPad using CodeIgniter & Sencha Touch. It lets you pick your preferred race, and then selecting any of the offensive units from the game will tell you what are the useful counters, eg Charge Zealots > Marauders if you're playing as Protoss.

It's not really polished, but we thought it was a fun way to test out some new technologies we don't normally work with, and maybe some folks that are new to Starcraft will find it helpful. I'd love to hear what people think. You can access it at Fyi, it only works in Webkit browsers, and is best experienced on an iPad.


Hello, Giant Bomb

Blog post numero uno; mainly just for the quest(s). But if I have to pick a topic, how about playing online coop with people that are drastically higher level than you. It completely ruins the game.

So, I made the mistake the other day of playing Borderlands w/ some buddies of mine that were all level 61. At the time the game started I had a level 52.5 or so Roland. I had been playing off and on over the last few weeks & had made it up to about the midway point of playthrough 2, mostly solo-ing. During this coop session, one of my friends suggested a Crawmerax run...

In about an hour I had become a level 58, but still couldn't even put a dent in the level 62+ minions flying around The Invincible One... And my quest log became immediately flooded with a lot of quests that I wouldn't have ordinarily been assigned until hours later in my game.

And now playing through the campaign / DLC isn't even challenging because I'm so over-leveled... Anyway, long story short, HUGE mistake. That was the opposite of fun.