Posted by jrhall
Disco Historian:  
Step 1-9 Hint:  
Atari 2600 launch titles 

Howard Jones ' Hair
Step 1-7 Hint: 
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive launch titles 

Smells Like Reality Bites
Step 1-10 Hint: 
Sony PlayStation launch titles 

Secret Quest:  
Posted by Inquisitor_Sif

I couldn't trigger the last tittle in Howard Jones' Hair. I tried Super Thunder Blade and Thunder Blade, but it was not the answer. Did I type in the wrong game or the quest is simply broken?

Posted by Melanon

@Inquisitor_Sif: Yeah, I'm having the same problem.

Posted by csring

I also am having this issue...ANYONE???

Posted by Hardywells

ghouls n ghosts will finish your quest