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I have over 300 games, but all I play is Dota. I'm quickly approaching 1000 hours.

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I dunno. That must have been like 12 or 13 years ago. I think a more interesting question would be "What did you do the first time you were on acid?"

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I get crashes all the time, and not just with games. It happens with Netflix at least once a day.

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I'm getting the same two codes. :/

Oh well. I've got to wake up early tomorrow so that I can work all day anyways. I guess I'll give it another shot tomorrow night.

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yea im still down, reviews have been solid, and solid is enough for me for a launch game.

That's how I feel too, though I find it interesting that I said "no" five months ago. This will be the first Killzone game that I'll have ever played, so I doubt its following a predefined formula will bother me too much.

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He's a cool guy, entertaining to listen to and has an almost Brad Muir level of positivity which the gaming industry could use more of. We've got more snark and sarcasm then is healthy.

Are you kidding me? One of the reasons I stopped listening to Weekend Confirmed was because of his need to go on multiple 20-minute tirades railing against XYZ on every podcast. He may "love loving things" more effectively on his other shows (I haven't watched any of them), but on Weekend Confirmed I got tired of grinding my teeth while listening to his hyper-aggressive negativity.

This X infinity. I stopped listening to Weekend Confirmed for a long while because they feel it necessary (as they do in the latest episode) to explain why they don't like things for extended periods of time. You don't like Call of Duty. I get it. Nobody does anymore. Let's move on.

I've actually had to stop listening to several gaming-related podcasts for similar reasons. I stopped listening to 8-4 Play a long time ago because they're so negative. I want to stop listening to Player One Podcast because I get tired of hearing babies scream in the background and the hosts saying "uhhh.... yeah" to each other for an hour and a half, but for some reason I keep listening to it.

Edit: Also not a huge fan of Cannata. The other guy, Garnett Lee, bothers me too. Andrew Yoon seems to be a pretty okay guy.

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The only cover I've heard which is arguably better than the original is this cover of King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" by Shining:

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I loved the first game, but for some reason I was never able to stick with the second. I think it had something to do with the artificially steep difficulty curve. Even with all the right spells and equipment, some of the fights are such bullshit.

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What's with all the double posts?

But I agree with babychoochoo. Rift is a really great F2P game.