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I wanted to piggyback @alex_v and say "nice article."

This game looks depressing as all hell but really worthwhile.

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The last movie I watched was an adaptation of an old Dostoevsky short story called The Double. It was the second movie in two days that I had seen starring Jesse Eisenberg (the other of which was so bad that I can't even remember the name of it), but The Double was actually really good. Its style is a little bit unnerving - Terry Gilliam and David Lynch both spring to mind as immediate influences - but I liked it a lot. It's the right kind of weird, but it doesn't feel like it's being weird for weirdness' sake.

Edit: Also, there's a very brief cameo by J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. I don't even listen to Dinosaur Jr., but somehow I totally recognized J. Mascis as soon as I saw him. Eerie.

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The only thing I'm getting for mine is a rubbery case to go on the outside. Even with the rubber feet, the damn thing slides around too much.

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I just got a 13" MacBook Air a week or two ago ($750 for students at Best Buy!), and I've really been loving it for word processing, using the Internet, and playing WoW. For the stuff you mentioned, though, you'll want a more powerful machine.

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I love Brad as much as the next guy, but I really think that Jeff should take back his spot as host. Jeff knows how to run a cast; Brad has removed much of the structure from the Bombcast and makes it run even longer than it did before he was host.

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@theht: When does this happen? I've been playing for about twenty hours and I still have Madora and Jahan.

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It seems to have sorted itself out for the time being. I honestly think the site may have just crapped out on me for a couple of minutes. I didn't change anything and the problem went away.

I guess we can close the thread now, unless other people are having the same problem.

Thanks for responding to my post, @rorie.

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I don't know if this a common problem, but I just got a new MacBook Air and Safari only seems to play videos that are featured on the front page of the site. I have AdBlock installed, but I told it not to run on anything that falls under the Giant Bomb domain name. I also downloaded Java and Flash, but those are literally the only new programs that I have running on this computer. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix for this?

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@zolroyce said:

However, I have been going through 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea recently, and while I will in no way imply Jules Verne is a 'worst' writer, holy shit, enough about the god damn fish! 20,000 FISH Under the Sea is a better title for that book. Every other chapter is just him seeing a stupid fish and describing everything there is to see about the stupid fish and then seeing another stupid fish and describing that stupid fish and it is stupid fish after stupid fish and ENOUGH.

Did people back then even find those parts fascinating? Stupid fish.

LOL. You should read Moby Dick.

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I have over 300 games, but all I play is Dota. I'm quickly approaching 1000 hours.