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I'm so sorry for your loss you guys, he will be missed. He was irreplaceable.

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Dave Fortress!!!!!!!!!!

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@alternate: Next week it is then :)

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Please! Please! Please!

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4 QLs in 2 days? GB is back!

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@Gizmo said:

God knows what they are doing, we are averaging a Quick Look a day at the moment. Considering there is very little written content, the lack of, well, stuff is a bit disappointing. My guess is they are planning something big, or sorting out their office. Why not, you know, throw us an Endurance Run? It's just a daily Let's Play...

I just assumed the lack of content was because Vinny was away. Now Drew is away. I'm really, REALLY hoping it has nothing to do with moving to the CBS offices (other than moving is a pain). If less content is the new GB that would be really sad.

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Tuesday? :(

Also I got to watch about 30min and I just wanted to say this was my favourite Breaking Brad. Brad still died a ton and got frustrated but it generally had a nice progression to the gameplay that made it more entertaining than watching him die again and again in a 30sec loop *cough* CoD *cough*. So well done Brad. This was much appreciated.

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@gamefreak9 said:

I gotta say, things are exactly like I imagined but having it being confirmed is depressing. There really is a flawed incentive structure... reviewers being paid partly BY the publishers whose games they are reviewing? Now thats definitely something that makes me trust reviews less.

That's why QLs have been great. At least I can see some dude just playing the game. Even if they are trying to show the best parts at least I get to see all the annoying cruft that goes along with it like loading times, bad mechanics, and many other little details that you just can't show in a review. The people who look at those numbers and go out an buy the games based on a number get what they deserve: a lesson for next time.

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What about Coonce? Will there be no more SSX coverage?

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@BigChief said:

Also, don't sell my fucking information to corporations!

And keep making dumb videos!

This. I don't care if CBS bought them. Make dumb content. Don't use my info for evil and we're good guys. Congrats on the money. Gamespot bought Kongregate and that wasn't terrible, just a gamespot logo on the top. If that's what happens then we're good.