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Bummer. 0

I'm really wondering what version of this game that Brad played.The version that I played was horribly fraught with technical issues, to the point where I just wanted to walk away from it on multiple occasions. And for a lifelong Star Wars fan who finds even the most grievous changes to the films defensible, that's saying a LOT. There's a sequence with mechanical spiders and EVERY time you do "the move" to clear the spiders the game would freeze for a solid half second or more. I quipped on my F...

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Day 1 does it again... 0

You remember how you loved Mech Assault?  Remember when the sight of Denny Thorley at E3 brought enjoyment?  Yah that's all in the past, now.  I used to be the world's biggest Day 1 longer... While FEAR may not have been the worst game in the world and actually showcased innovation that was worthwhile (with the slo-mo tech),  Fracture just fails to hit that mark every time.  I won't rehash Vinny's review because everything he says is right on. What kind of game company publishes a medio...

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