Finally in NYC, Xbox, here I come.

So -i finally arrived to NYC, I finally made my dream come true. It¡s just exactly how I imagined, but I still can't believe how tall the buildings are! 
Anyway, I found a best buy and a gamespot a fex blocks away from the apartment I'm staying in, so i'm gonna pick up my new xbox!! I may also need the transfer cable, so I saved up for that too. 
Finally here!
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I guess...nobody will ever read this.

So this is my blog...I think.
I don't have much to share. I mean I'm always up for opinions on gaming and everything but I think it's better to post it in a forum or something, i rather share opinions with other people that write only for myself. I'm Xbox all the way...I love it. The moments I have lived with every game I own are priceless.
I am currently on pause right now, my Xbox died and I'm saving for the new slim version and also for other games. 
But anyway if find any gaming trouble on the site in a forum or something, I'll be glad to give my opinion.

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