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I got my copy yesterday. I love the game, but 3 hours into it, it froze. I touched the console (Xbox 360) and it was insanely hot. I guess the patch is really necessary.

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 My best guess is laziness.

Probably. It's kind of a shame really.. 
I'm probably the only one who thinks this, but ...
I totally agree with you. The site is still great, but it has been losing a lot of what made it different and special in the first place in the past couple of months
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" i'm going to wait for the reviews to come in. "
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Hey guys.
So here in my country, we don't have April's Fools Day, so we don't have a day to pull awesome pranks to each other. So tell me, what have been some of the best April's Fools pranks you've done to others or received.

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Rockstar, Remedy and Ubisoft. They all put great storytelling together with great gameplay

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Not Co-op, but 4 player Goldeneye for N64 still brings back great memories.

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Hey guys.
So I got my Xbox 360 slim and it has been awesome. But, I've had a lot of problems with dust, since it gets everywhere in the console and I'm afraid it will start to get inside the console through the various holes it has. Can someone please give me tips to prevent dust from ruining my Xbox?

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@nrain said:
" @OmegaPirate said:
"Meatball marinara on standard italian with extra cheese -lettuce, carrot and sweetcorn - toasted  Motherfucking-yum "
 This! but drop the corn not for me. "
This, but not the corn or the carrot
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" Everyday almost every hour. "