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Great read; thanks Patrick. The marketing section really put to words something that I couldn't - pandering wasn't quite the right word for it. The utter disdain for their users (I won't even call them customers) is something that has saturated the mobile market, and I hope it doesn't spread.

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I have an office job, so definitely morning. I ain't going to work sweaty. On the weekend, it's sometime between getting up and either going out or going back to bed.

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It will never happen. The licensing issues were too much, otherwise they'd have already released them.

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Wow, that was long. Tried to answer as best as I could. Frequency options could have included 1x/week.

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Hey everyone,

Has a date been set yet for this year's Big Live Live Show Live (or CBSi-renamed equivalent)? I think I remember Jeff mentioning it in a recent video but can't remember for certain. Normally it's been around September 9th, I think, but that's on a weekend, and I'm guessing it'll be on a Friday. Has there been any final word?

Thanks guys!

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It's been a crazy year. Here's to many more!