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Alex, followed way behind by Rorie.

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I'm really enjoying Brad as host. He's not as smooth as Ryan but who is? He has good rapport with the rest of the crew and I love his fascination with Dan. Most importantly, his stint as host has unleashed Jeff in a big way which always makes for better shows than those awkward months of Jeff capably hosting but being too busy keeping the show on track to really let loose.

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No, he didn't fit into the scene but it was the early 80s and there really wasn't a celebrity video game advocate. The whole show was a bit of an odd duck. It's just amazing to me to see how far gaming competitions and their audiences have come over the course of thirty years.

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I was saddened by the passing of Geoff Edwards who was the host of Starcade for most of that show's run. Most people here won't remember the show but it was a video game competition show and each episode's big prize was an arcade cabinet. It ran on TBS for two or three years in the 80s. I always wanted to go on that show as a kid. Apparently G4 ran reruns of it at some point as most of the Youtube embeds have a G4 watermark.

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It's probably not the fashionable answer but I use a Cuisinart CHW-12 and never have any complaints. It has a coffee brewer and hot water station and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. But I'm the kind of guy who just grinds his beans and makes a pot. If she's a serious coffee drinker, Bonavita and Breville both make really good, high quality machines.

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It doesn't bother me much but the PS Blog comments section is going nuts. I had no idea so many people used their PS3 as their primary media server. It's a real shame for those folks.

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I don't care because I subscribe to PS+ already. I understand that some fanboys lose a talking point because of this but I've had Gold and Plus and, for me at least, the two services don't compare in terms of value. I'll be PS+ for the life of the console provided the service continues to offer "free" games and, better yet, steep discounts.

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Patrick seems like a guy I'd have a beer with but I do think he has a bit of a "me too" complex when it comes to discussing games, especially during the Bombcast. It's a roundtable discussion but Patrick's seeming need to have an opinion about everything gives his opinion less value (to me at least). Yes, they all talk over each other but make Patrick's constant interruptions can be aggravating, so much so that I can hear that aggravation reflected occasionally in the voices of Bard and Jeff in particular. Still, on a personal level, he seems like a cool guy; just maybe not the kind of guy to whom you make a flippant remark about a subject he's passionate about while standing in line at Starbucks.

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I'm excited for the sale. LBPK and Tiger Woods 2013 are retail releases I never would have pulled the trigger on at retail but I'll give both a shot at ten bucks each. Also, I was holding off on Unfinished Swan because I was assuming it would show up as a "free" PS+ title (and probably still will) but for $3.75 I don't want to wait any longer. Good stuff.

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I've never been a fan of Rooster Teeth. I listen to quite a few gaming podcasts but I can't bring myself to put that one in my regular rotation. I'll check out a few of the others listed but of the nominees I recognize, Bombcast is my favorite. I think that and Rooster Teeth are the most popular on the list so they both have a fair shot. Indoor Kids is Nerdist Industries so they may also have a chance even though they've gotten further and further away from games during the meat of their shows.

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