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Boy, I sure am glad I don't have download limits.

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@jsnyder82: Well.... Spiders are food for animals that eat spiders, and so on and so on the food chain expands, eventually leading to us. So everything serves a purpose in the balance of things.

I understand and I don't care. So one of those Spider Council creeps got to you, too?

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I don't understand spiders.

You should understand that without spiders we'd be totally screwed!

One spider eats around 2 thousand flies a year! Think of all those flies! Flying around, eating crops, flying in front of your face and all you hear is that loud noise and you freak out and swat at the air and you look like a fool! Fuck that!

Appreciate you're friendly neighborhood spider, and maybe take them outside instead of squashing them if they pop a squat in your house.

I don't understand Flies either.

I don't think anybody understands flies. They seem to exist solely as food for spiders.

Therefore, yeah, I don't understand spiders, either.

Also, no. Sorry. If a spider is in my house I'm killing it. I don't give a crap how many flies it eats, that little bastard deserves to die.

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Pikmin 3 is not out of print.

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Weapon degradation is always a real bummer. Can we just write it off as an archaic and terrible game mechanic and just never implement it again? If you want people to use new weapons, give them something more powerful or different. If you don't want people to use weapons, then why are you giving people weapons? Conversely, why not just make it more dangerous to get close to zombies and instead give us limited use throwables?

Also, is that metal pipe really only good for 20 hits before it becomes ineffective? Really? Is that how it works in the real world? Come on, game designers. It's a metal pipe. I don't care if you're using it to bash human skulls in, thick metal pipe > human skull.

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*Facepalms* Damn, that's my problem!

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If you're considering the PC version, I think you should wait for a major patch. From what I have read this morning, the PC port quality is terrible. SLI doesn't appear to work at all, and people with 780 Ti's are reporting 40-50 fps indoors and then sub-20 fps outdoors on high settings. Yikes.

Thanks Techland!

Yeah, I have a fairly good PC with a GTX 980. I put all the specs on Medium and I'm still only getting around 40-50fps outside, and not much better indoors.

I'm trying to figure out why I even built this PC since all the games lately seem to run like shit.

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My favorite concerns Stanley Kubrick and The Shining. That movie Room 237 contains about 5 different conspiracies (He helped fake the moon landing! It's about the plight of Native Americans! etc.) and each subsequent one is more ridiculous than the last.

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Eh such a shitty game. Hard to feel good as a Seahawks fan if your QB throws 4 interceptions.

Pretty sure that last pass makes up for all of it, though...

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Yeah, another FIFA 15 person here. Happened to me a few months ago. Had to talk to EA support to get a refund on my card, which was pretty painless, but still kind of annoying. I changed my password and removed my credit card information not just from Origin, but from everywhere. Hackers are the living worst.

Seriously, this is a PSA. Don't store your credit card information online. Just enter it in manually.