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The time before the internet was pretty magical. You could enjoy, seriously, almost any game without some random dipshit telling you how shitty your taste was.

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This game is so great. Luigi's stare is bone-chilling.

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Eh, gameplay trumps story for me.

If I want a good story, I'll watch a movie. They typically have better writers anyway.

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@theking said:

I switched from ios to a Galaxy S5 about a month ago. I regret it everyday, can't wait to switch back.

Well, honestly, that might have something to do with the fact that you switched to a Galaxy phone. The TouchWiz UI on Samsung phones are always terribly optimized. If somebody were to switch to Android, I would recommend a phone with stock UI (Nexus) or something fairly close (HTC). I wouldn't recommend switching, but if someone just has to, that would be the way to go.

But honestly, yeah, don't know why people love Android so much and shit on iOS. Everything runs so much smoother on iOS. Provided you're keeping up to date with your hardware. Older hardware, like the 4 and 4S, are going to be slower and not as optimized for newer iOS versions as the 5 and 5S. But Android has the exact same problem.

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If you're expecting anything different out of Android at this point in the game, trust me, as somebody who owns an iPad AND an Android phone, they're basically exactly the same. Don't waste your money.

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It runs poorly for pretty much everybody. The only tip I can give is to put the game in a borderless window mode as opposed to full-screen mode. That alleviated some of the stuttering for me, but not all.

But yeah, I think I've learned my lesson about Ubisoft PC games after this and AC: Black Flag. Terrible optimization.

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Well, I don't mean to be that guy that splits hairs here, but eh, what the hell...

1. Paul Walker wasn't actually driving the car he died in.

2. The Fast and Furious movies are popular, so naturally somebody was going to make a Paul Walker joke about racing cars.

3. The joke itself didn't mention anything about Paul Walker dying, so it's technically not a Paul Walker "death" joke.

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@crithon said:

@jsnyder82: I agree with what your saying but even this week Toni Braxton blames her son's autism caused by God punishing her for having a secret abortion. That's really the most craziest excuse I heard ever for not even trying to understanding autism.

Well, yeah, some people are just morons. Ain't nothing you can do about that.

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@drbobbint: In Washington state, there are currently only two psychiatric hospitals, and in my county, they're currently holding a mentally ill child at the hospital indefinitely (Reagan closed the facility located in my county in the 80's), because all the institutions only hold so many patients, and they're all full. It's frankly pretty pathetic that something like this is happening in the 21st century.